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R.I.P. Gareth Thomas


71 is a good age but it's not old by any means these days. Sad to see another hero of my childhood slip away.

Sweet dreams, Blake.


Yes very sad and really not old at all.
I loved Blakes 7 and Star Maidens, we saw Gareth on stage a few years ago playing Cadfael.
He will be greatly missed, many thanks Gareth for the enjoyment you gave to me and many others.


RIP Blake. One of my fave ever shows.

He's been doing some of the Big Finish B7 audio plays in recent times, great to hear some original cast in new stories (and they've been far superior to the rubbishy Sevenfold Crown / Syndeton Experiment plays the BBC did in the 90's). Saw him on TV last in that episode of Torchwood. And i always smiled when i saw him in Quatermass & The Pit when he uncovers the skeleton.

Its funny, but i was also talking to someone a few weeks back about kids TV shows from the 70's/80's and we got onto Children Of The Stones. Another great Gareth performance in probably on of the greatest kids TV programmes ever!

Slate Mcleod

It's always sad when our heroes die, as it reminds us all of our own mortality and the fact we are only 20 years behind them :(