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rebel sniper blaster


So i was thinking about a rebel sniper blaster.You dont need to worry about windage and ballistic drop but what about a jamming device so your location couldnt be plotted in helmet displays and a laser invisible to the eye .. not that difficult in our galaxy but how about in the star wars galaxy.... discussions?

Ham Salad

Well, there are a lot of them in Star wars already, actually...they cropped up a rather a lot in CLONE WARS. I'd say the issue would be small caliber and accuracy rather than stealth: blasters in star wars typically seemed to be pretty inaccurate as weapons in general: the apparent need for computer assisted aiming and targeting enhancing add on devices would back this idea up. They seemed to have rather a lot of recoil too: tended to belie the idea that they were actually 'laser' weapons.

I think that the concept behind the start wars blaster as a general weapon seems to have been sacrificing accuracy for more power: even the pistols were typically unnecessarily high powered, creating the kind of effects one would associate with weapons of .50 caliber and above. One might conclude this is why armor was typical for troops in the 'star wars' world, and posit that the assumption behind blasters is that they would have to be powerful enough to disable a vehicle.
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