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Recruit an Astronaut


Commander Ret.
Feature added 30 Jul 2008

Finding the Eagle forum useful? Think your friends might benefit from being a member too? With this handy feature you can invite them!

In order to help prevent abuse, the system only allows one invite per session and a total of 100 invites per user.

How do I invite my friends, colleagues or associates?

Go to your UserCP (Control Panel) and near the top, you'll see 'Invitation System'. Click the link to go to the invitation page.


In your Control Panel, down the left, you'll see a link called 'Recruit Astronaut'.


Click the 'Recruit Astronaut' link on the Navbar

You can append the welcome message if you wish.

Thanks for your support. :thumbup:


That's a great idea Eagle!

Do we get £50 in M+S vouchers for each friend we introduce? :D



My friend John Blake, who belongs here as he was the first sci-fi model builder I've ever met and has quite a collection that seems to still be growing, does not have an e-mail I can send an invite too.
I keep saying the next time he comes over I'm going to show him this forum but I keep forgetting.
He'll get here eventually.