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Red alert! - Timeslip's Discovery to be discontinued!


Forum Supporter
I would have loved one of these models, unfortunately I have neither the spare cash to buy one ATM or the space to display one, the space side of things being more of an issue to be honest. :(

Ah well no matter I will have to settle for my smaller scale Planet X model.


I feel like throwing my Planet X model in the bin after building the Timeslip Discovery... :roll:

It's extremely inaccurate when compared to the larger model, and the reference material available - it's made me realise how bad it was.

The big Discovery really doesn't take a lot of space becuse it's so long and could wall mount it if you wanted to...


I'm really pleased I purchased one.


I tell you what though, you're a long time regretting you didn't afterwards!

Worth considering... :think:


Sad news, when you need to spend most of your cash, for "real life" trouble.... :(

I can only hope it will be available again, in the futur... :pray:



Hi All, I will be selling the front end only as a kit in a few months. The full kit really beats up the molds and takes a LONG time to pour.

George 8)