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Red Dwarf USA


Jadzia Dax as Cat. Hmm...

But as both pilots are spoken of in the past tense, I guess we'll never know.


Nah... the simbiont would have stuffed things up..though the Trill marking are somewhat cat like.

Glad they were only pilots... smeg off as they say

Jade Falcon

One of the Red Dwarf seasons on DVD (can't remember which) has got segments of the US pilot in the extras.

Needless to say I wasn't impressed.

Apparently the recasting of Lister to the Craig Bierko actor was that "The US can't have a slobby character, he's got to be more Han Solo like".

That excuse doesn't fly, especially when you think of two of the most successful characters in US TV are slobby-Al Bundy and Homer Simpson.


You realize that if this aired as a full series in an alternate universe, it could explain the reason why people are so cranky in the Star Trek Mirror Universe? :D

I am SOOO glad this didn't make it to a series. But considering how some idiots in Hollywood seem to like importing British stuff such as Pop Idol, Big Brother and other shows, how long might it be before a new pilot rears its ugly head? Red Dwarf, like Top Gear should remain forever British.
SO SAY WE ALL it is the very reason why i like to watch such shows, as the Brain rot of "Lets do that show but for brainless numbskulls"
sniefield I call it Snotfield every one love raymond everyone love retard
and many many more the storyline Dark Reign( my effort of a web based fan film ST is tons better than a lot of the Snarf on the tv) it is char based and driven and not just to make money most of the shows on us tv are bad to just lame (chuck, or what ever) they said they wanted to do something NEW it isn't (Jake 2.0 little thing on Scifi) well it is not new and the way he "gets" to be a spy is so lame they cancel Jerico but bring back
my boys (don't think hard i have a different title for that show as well, just can't type it here starts with a b) mindless junk on the airwaves the only new show i really liked and hope it comes back next year On The Lot
that was cool getting to see what those people could come up with also like to watch PBS when the cable is not snowed out love to watch Monty Pyhons' Flying cirucus that is funny (don't get me started on SNL it has not been funny for years)