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Replica Tripod up for sale...


Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi guys,

Just thought I'd mention this...
There's a replica red gunner Tripod up for sale on The Prop Gallery.

I'm saying this because, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME, and I want to distances myself from this...

It says it has a couple of bits from the original, and the rest is newly made.
It doesn't have nearly the finesse and level of detail that the original has, the legs/feet are wrong, head is slightly wrong shape, wrong colour red...
Anyway make your own mind up !
I just didn't want anyone to spend £6000 without knowing the facts.


Andy H.

(btw, don't you think this has the feel of another Liberator turning up)


Deputy Commander
Staff member
Ah yes, The Prop Gallery! They only deal in genuine screen-used items (apparently) and won't touch replicas, in fact the chap who runs it has described replicas as "fakes" ... it's funny how the chance of a few quid seems to have softened their principles!

They say that the "original parts" on this Tripod are the lower head section and the guns. Ignoring the fact that the original guns are on your original screen-used red Tripod (so these must be fakes ... ummm, sorry, I mean replicas), they are very careful NOT to use the word "replica", it is made from a "combination of original and replacement parts". You've got the guns, so the only "original" bit might be the lower body.

You're right, it's the Liberator all over again ...

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Martin has made a replica, note a replica, compare this to the original production used model and you'll see there is a world of difference between them. Personally I would look for the fine art casting model if I wanted a scale copy.

Refer to these images and see what you think.

Original image gallery for comparison:


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  • fac tripod.jpg
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Hi all

Just thought I'd put the record straight on this one, I acquired the original guns and lower body section directly from Mike Tucker who had them from BBC visual effects, I love the Tripods and thought it would be nice to have the parts made into a full scale one by Martin Bower.

During its construction Andy found out from Mike I had his missing guns and wished to purchase them from me for his screen used red Tripod, unfortunately Martin had already finished the model so it was a to late, if I had known before the build started I would have been happy to sell the guns to him, as it happens I think Mike had another original pair which Andy now has.

So to clarify the Red Tripid on our site has an original lower body and original guns Martin made the rest.

If you click on the link in Bernies post you can see it states Andy's was missing the original Guns.

Andy owns the complete original Screen used Red Tripod.

No Liberator situation here Andy's is Original and screen used ours is just a few original parts made up with new parts from Martin. Also plenty of difference from the original to make sure it cannot be sold as all original.

As a side note I actually had this made for myself in 2012 before we started the website and It cost a fortune to have done!!

Image attached of the original lower body and guns when I got them from Mike Tucker in 2012

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