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If you are after a specific Paper model relating to any of the subjects we cover on ETF, please post here.


Thunderbirds are Go

The Fireflash was just released on paper modelers forum.But what i would love to see is an acurate paper release of the Zero X.:clap:Any takers on that one?

peter taft

Zero X..... umm, There's a Guy here Mr Gary Pilsworth who may just be able to help you.... i will ask him also :yes:


Anyone have a paper model of the Eagle Launch Pad with the docking tube/ building? Preferably in scale with the 12'' eagle
I try to never necro-post but it's unavoidable sometimes.

Is there a paper model of the Swift? I've got the "Danoman" Eagle on the workbench now, and have found the Jaybats Hawk. I've seen an updated model of it, but I don't know if it's available or not.

The Swift/Super Swift looks pretty interesting, that command capsule might cause trouble, but the rest of the craft doesn't look too difficult.