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Revell Millenium Falcon


I've had this Revell Falcon "Easykit" for quite a while , but had it stored away as it was missing a few parts ( I picked it up for a quid at a car boot sale ). As I've recently located the missing bits , I thought I'd give it a little attention . First though , I'd like to say that this isn't going to be a super-detailing/accurizing exercise , mainly because I've an original MPC/Airfix version waiting on the bench , but as a straight-forward "fun" build , more or less straight from the box , (that is , if I had the box, which I don't ) .
Here's how the top fuselage section looks , with it's factory paint job .

One thing I WILL be improving is the "turbo lasers". The moulded in ones of the kit are it's worst point . I removed these with my razor saw , to be replaced with scratchbuilt ones .

I'll not bore everyone with my opinion of these Revell "Easykits" , as I've stated this on more than one occasion , but I will say that this version of the Falcon is pretty damn good , in fact a LOT better than a lot of modellers would have you believe . I originally thought that the price of the kit was a bit high ( about £35 ) , due to it's relative few part count , but in fact the moulded detail is excellent and in my opinion , far better than the old ( admittedly larger ) MPC/Airfix version .
After spray coating a base coat with "Holts" light grey car spray ( my new "go-to" Star Wars base colour ), I picked out panels with a couple of shades of grey ( mid and dark ) and began shading with pastel chalk washes . I then used dry pastel chalks to add "exhaust staining" to the rear engine deck area .

It's still early days , as I've only worked on the Falcon for a day , but I'm quite optimistic based on the results I've got so far . I may even add some lights , as I've got some LEDs that are looking for a home .


Works continuing on the Falcon . I've used acrylic washes to bring out the detail on the side panels . I'm quite impressed with the level of "greeblie" detail in these areas , as well as those on the rear engine deck .

I've progressed with the painting , adding the various different coloured panels , as well as building up the shading/weathering with washes of acrylic paints .

I've also been test fitting "headlights". I'm hoping to install about a dozen L.E.D's , to light the engines and cockpit , as well as running lights .

The more I work on this kit , the more I like it . Though it's ( obviously) not up to Fine Molds standard , it's superior to the old MPC version and definitely worth investing in if you're not ready to shell out for the Fine Molds .
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Little bit more work done on the Falcon . Thanks to Jaitea , I've replaced the missing parts and I've installed the headlights and engine lights . I've decided against the cockpit and running lights as the former isn't really practical with the set up I'm using and the latter just didn't look good ! I need to stock up on the parts I need to complete the guns and the engine detailing , so in the meantime I'm working on the display base . I'd originally intended to make an "asteroid field" diorama and had even begun work on it , but then I found the "Death Star " display base from the AMT/Ertl TIE Fighter kit set stashed away in my modelling cave and discovered that it was perfect for my purposes !



I just picked up the small version of the Falcon, along with an X-wing, at my local shop. I didn't know they do a bigger version.



I've re-posted the pictures from the last post as problems with my photo server caused it to go a little , er "tits-up" ! Anyhow , the text still applies ( mostly) and the pics show the test fitting of the model on the "new" Death Star base . The last pic shows the landing gear "foot" that covers the light switch , which now connects with a small magnet . The engine area still needs the grill detail adding and I've yet to start work on the guns as I'm waiting to stock up on materials .