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Revell TOS Viper


I am frequent visitor to this site, but just found this area for non Anderson material. I just finished the Revel Viper from the original show. I built the original Monogram kit back in the 70's when the 'Battlestar' movie came out. So it was nice to go back to this old kit - although it has been nicely updated - now with a clear canopy. I am not that familiar with the show, but the kit it looks pretty accurate to me. I added some detail here and there to make it look more like what I saw in the show - the studio miniatures - not the clean and shiny full-size ship.


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Well, that is a very nice build you have there and it does look good!

IMHO, that is the 1997 Revel re-issue of the original Monogram which gives you the clear canopy, a cockpit with a Pilot and the back of the thrusters. For those who wanted it to be more accurate, they had to go get the after-market parts.

But now (October, 2013), Moebius Models has released their own version of the Mk.I Colonial Viper which, is quite accurate to the studio model and also, they do have landing gears. This kit addressed many of the Monogram/Revell's shortcomings (but in the 70's it was 'close enough') and is also slightly longer.

After I have put in the lighting in there, it was my friend, Bruce's turn to paint them...


Yeh - It's the Revell re-issue with the clear canopy. But it is essentially the same kit. It still has the hole in the nose intake where that awful rubber-band powered missile used to shoot out. That's what I meant by going back to the 'old kit'. This is basically built up from the box - no aftermarket stuff - but with some spares added to fill in some areas that were a bit too clear or vague.

Ham Salad

When I built mine originally, I think I cut the openings out of the canopy and put thin butyrate in...very finicky job.