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Revell X-Wing in three variants


Here is a set of Revell-X-Wing easykit pocket models, build in 3 different ways, to show what can be done with a little bit of creativity.

First a "blueprint" variant, build with an unpainted testshot. The same can be done when you strip the paint from the pre-painted easykit:

Second an "out of box" version... and I mean it!

Last not least "the real stuff", treated like any other "normal" model kit (paint, weathering and so on):

All together are my "X-Wing-Triptychon":

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Excellent , imaginative work ! I'm a big fan of this little kit and have a few in my collection . Can I ask the origin of the "Death Star " display base ?


Thanks Callamon , I've found the tiles on ebay , but I'll be contacting your supplier directly . :thumbup:
Well,that german firm does good kits,well tooled,but when it comes to show their products,as other companies too,there's a lack of imagination to show them that,I think,rests appeal to the kit.Fan produced creative art,should be used more frequently by the so called professionals of advertisement and other fields of visual work instead of the boring repetitive approaches to the subject they time and again present us.