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Richard Bailey has gone

Ham Salad

It is with a sense of personal (and general) loss that I must report that Blazing Builder and Amazing Orac constructor Richard Bailey has Passed away in hospital from longstanding illness.

I thought he was getting better.

He was a fine fellow, cheery and pleasant, and loved B7, doctor who, star trek...even Eureka. he was a frequent contributor to smallspace displays.

I feel bad that I never met him face to face. I hope he enjoyed the things I made him, and the things I gave him.

I shall truly miss his daily updates which I called, "shopping horrors with Richard", about the swiftian irony of trying to make perfectly ordinary purchases in stores like Tesco.

I had a surprise for him I was going to send him just as soon as he got back on the boat (he lived on a canal boat) ... now I feel bad that I can't give him the moment of happiness that would have brought him.

I'm very sorry you' re gone Richard, I wish I had known you for longer and for better.


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Well said.

Richard`s passing was a great shock. Not just a talented builder of stuff, but a lovely chap too.


I've just come across this post. I never met or talked to Richard but I did see him around the various Smallspace shows over the years and never realised how much into Blakes 7 he was.
At this years Smallspace there was an auction of some of the models he had built over the years and I was very lucky to win one of his superb full size working Orac props. Richard was certainly a talented guy and I wish I had taken the opportunity to talk to him about his favourite show.
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