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RIP Martin Landau


Just announced on CNN:

This is so sad. We lost Roger Moore and Adam West too this year

Met Landau at a 1999 con and we talked and he was nice enough to personally autograph a book on the series. He even commented that he never saw a book like this before (it was the Super Visual Town Mook on Space:1999).

I think someone put it best on this forum: I am watching my childhood pass away.
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Dark of the Moon...

:2c: :( :cry:

O My God, O My God, O My God...I've only just now heard...!

The Giant Forest has lost its General Sherman Tree...

Forever irreplaceable...forever remembered...


ADD: Just now breaking on BBC News site (w/time difference, they're just waking up over there)...
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Very sad news indeed.....

Who could forget Martin's performance in "Ed Wood"?

"Pull the strings! Pull the strings!"

As Commander Koenig, he steered not only the few souls who clung to the wandering Moon, but also helped to carry a truly memorable and, I would argue, unique programme, often by sheer hard work and his ability to make the best of (sometimes) inferior material.

Not the archetypal Hollywood leading man, never handed the easiest of roles, but a talented man who was always worth watching.

Martin, thanks for the memories - you really were an integral part of my teenage years, never to be forgotten.



That's a shame. I remember him way back in "Mission: Impossible" with Barbara Bain, long before Moonbase Alpha. R.I.P.


RIP Commander Koenig

Cmdr. John Koenig: Is it death that gives meaning to life in the end?
Capt. Jack Tanner: [voice over] If there is an end.
Alpha Male.....

We just watched "Breakaway" tonight in honour of the great man and, you know what, despite some of the patches of stilted dialogue, and a significant number of close-ups, he really was just great to watch. You'd rather have him on your side, temper and all.

Thanks Martin.

Nick's tribute

What a wonderful message from Nick: heartfelt and personal. Thanks boatshewsd2, that's a fitting tribute if ever I read one.

Kindest regards



Very sad, Martin Landau has been in my thoughts on and off since I heard he has passed away. Just wish he was still here with us.