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Round 2 12" Deluxe Kit


Hi Guys, Newbie here

I have a question

I have just bought the Round 2 12" Deluxe Kit and am going through the parts trying to work out what to mod and what parts I can live with as far as the Eagle model part of the kit is concerned. However I am somewhat confused to see that there may be inaccuracies in the new resin parts ( I thought at least these would be accurate). I have found that Laboratory Pod is at least 7mm shorter lengthwise than the dimension given for the the standard Pod length in SMT's free plans. In a part this size that is somewhat of a massive inaccuracy.

So my question is:- Was the original Lab Pod actually shorter than the standard one for some reason ( I have found no evidence of this) or is this just as I said a fairly massive inaccuracy in the supplied resin Pod.

Also if this is a known problem with the kit is there some sort of fix for it?

Any help with this question would be gratefully received.