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Round 2 22" eagle

You can get the Eagle in the Netherlands for 100 pounds. If you wish I can get you in contact?

No problem Eagle-One, and thanks for the offer. My kit is actually in the mail as we speak. It just takes time with all the customs/security/exchange crap that slows things down...!!



Well, I see that there'll be a Lab Eagle out next year. Together with an enhanced metal bell set and a booster kit!

The main eagle seems to be Eagle 2 from what I've read, and the new bell set seems to cater for the lab pod and booster set - 2 extra large bells for the booster and two more thrusters for the pod itself.

I can't wait!!



As a very special Xmas treat I received some Space 1999 'goodies'. This included the recent MPC 22" Space 1999 Rescue Eagle Prebuilt/Painted. This is a superb rendition of the MPC plastic kit but moulded in ABS and then finished to a very high standard with very good markings and other details.

I had to add the MPC replacement aluminium engine bells for the plastic kit that also fit this model, so I hunted down a set from the USA in a sale (thought customs eventually negated any major saving) plus added a fantastic Perspex base from a USA based eBay seller. A fully detailed cockpit is included and the landing legs are nicely 'sprung'.

Now positioned in front of another Xmas gift (a limited edition Space 1999 print) the Eagle looks great in my 'man cave'. It will serve as a great reference when I get round to build the plastic MPC Eagle it derives from.....

I also took a picture of the 1/48 scale Eagle with an original Product Enterprise Rescue Eagle.

I managed to import one of the new 1/72 scale MPC Eagles from the USA but they should be hitting the UK in the next few weeks - there is a photo of the box in the pictures below.



Box art for the new MPC Eagle 2 with Laboratory in 1/48 scale. The Spine Booster is a separate kit plus they will also be releasing the metal parts (engines and replacement leg parts) and a decal sheet with the weathered markings used on the pre-built kits.