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Round 2 announces Space 1999 props


This is probably old news, but Round 2 has announced they will be releasing a 1:1 stun gun and comlock kit.


Ham Salad


I am pretty sure it's going to be plastic.
Well, I understand they were metal last time, and since they seem to just be reissuing the stuff they released as product enterprise with some improvements ...

On the other hand, they are BLOODY 3 MONTHS LATE!!! I am NEVER going to preorder again, they refuse to refund even when they dont' ship when promised. No apologies or discounts for those that preordered either.


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I'm So proud of Alex Jackson's Century Castings Commlock built by Simon Brett (both members of the Space 1999 Props & Ships Group) who's commlock was used in this scene of To All Mankind on Apple TV. Alex makes good solid kits and they are the best cosplay props around including the stun gun. What an honor for him!
Century Castings Commlock in To All Mankind.jpg


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Here's a video of our tour of Round2. Includes sneak peaks of the new stun gun and commlock kits and the prebuilt TOS Enterprise.
Star Trek 1 350 scale Prebuilt Enterprise.jpg
Thanks @Scifitodd - great to see that behind-the-scenes vid of Round 2. Already preordered my stun gun and commlock! It's great to know about the care they took to get that scale exactly right.

When the commlock made its "guest appearance" on For All Mankind, I hoped for joy! Geekdom begets the science that takes us to space!