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Salzo 1/12th TOS Viper Build


Greetings all!
Well time to post something current rather than my old rubbish from the way back.
This is still an ongoing thing, would've been done a while back but the person i'm doing it for requested a slight detour/addition lord save us all :)

This is the Mike Salzo kit and an impressive wagon load of resin it is too. Not without it's problems but nothing new there and all going to get dealt with by fair means or foul...foul has saved the day more than once in the past so it's all good.

Anyway, the link thing.
Up to page 8 at this time but the start page for this debacle can be found at the linky thingy below:

This beastie measures up at about 31" long when complete so it's no tiddler and since I have to build a launch tube section for it to go in, that upped the measurment dept. quite a bit.
With the display stand thing it'll be in the order of 40" long by 22" deep and 17" tall.
Just glad I don't have to find shelf space for it meself.

A few pics harvested from the pages:
The forward fuselage and belly plate castings.

The stock supplied cockpit instrument panels.

My scratchbuilt replacements.

One side painted and decaled up. Decals are the DIY inkjet variety.

And a look see at the panels with LEDs fixed in and functional...No one more relieved than I they worked.

The hapless helmeted hero from the hot seat. The original stock supplied helmet had some problems so got dumped in some rubber and a few casts taken.
One of which got a reworking to make it a bit better then that got the RTV and resin treatment.
Also made up some ear pices (RTV and cast) and some parts for the light bars on the helmet. These also got the rubber run around done unto them so some parts could be cast in tinted clear epoxy.

And the same with battery attached to light up the fiberoptics in the helmet. No fun getting that lot fed in and sorted but it worked so one up for our side :)

The engine can lighting. Stock parts reworked and a resin cast cup to take the 13 5mm LEDs fitte to each one.

The fuselage with cockpit fitted and attached to the engine intake part.

A sort of test fitting for the launch tube basic shape parts. 12mm MDF base board, the shapes cut from 2mm acrylic sheet.

Still working my way through but getting somewhere at least
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And the next update thingy.
I think the hardest part of the launch tube, that being the baseboard is almost now a done thingy build wise with just a few finishing touches here and there before the time of the grey paint/shading/weathering and then the inevitable creep up the back wall with greeblies a plenty.

But so far so good though it's turning in to a bit more work than anticipated. That said, all additional stuff for the better I hope.

Enough waffle already, the linky thing and thread pics!

Page 9, Lauchtube baseboard detailng and related buggering about.

Thread pics of course.

All good fun in a kind of masochistic way ;)
Go easy out there gang!


Absolutely stunning :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

My favourite Viper (original and best):thumbup:

I wish I could have afforded the kit (ho hum), but at least I got Mikes 15.5" version (still to be built with all the others - someday).

Is this for a certain Mr. Olive, or have I got my wires crossed (wouldn't be the first time)?


I thank ya kindly :D

Very nice Ian. Can I have it please? :)
Well you may have to discuss it with the owner of this beast if you want it.
I suspect something along the lines of two falls, two submissions or a knock out to decide the winner :lol:
Absolutely stunning :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

My favourite Viper (original and best):thumbup:
Thanks and I can tell ya you are not alone in liking the TOS Viper over the rest. Me personally, the original and the MkII are my personal likes in the design dept.
The rest I can't say do anything for me with the exception of the ones seen in 'Caprica'.
Saw pics of the prop and jet type and took to the designs almost instantly, never actually watched a single episode though.
Is this for a certain Mr. Olive, or have I got my wires crossed (wouldn't be the first time)?
Nope, this one isn't for Steve.

The other one I have sitting up in the loft is though ;)

Thanks again and take care all!