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Saturday mornings 1976/ Anime classic..


Okay..... some info on the build and some sketches and pics to keep this little sub build on track.. :yes:

Now as you who read my last build will know, my daughter went through a phase ( passed now )
of pinching the odd lotto card when she saw them in the local shops and supermarkets thinking they were free and good "Pretend" credit card stock. :whistle:

The last 4 or so I confiscated and used as a styrene source.....:D
well I still had a couple left over and some bits and couldn't bear to start on my 1mm a4 styrene sheets....
so I finished off the stolen goods stash to dispose of the evidence.... Honest Officer... lol..:cop:


So after some watching and pausing and capturing of stills I came up with these quick sketches and templates.
The overall size without the nose spike is that of a credit/lotto card... :brows:

I had planned to create a ribbed construction method and to include, ( even tho it wouldn't be seen easily )
an interior with seats and consoles and a doorway to the rear as seen in this still...marine 11.jpg

Well.... maybe not quite as good an idea but there will be something..:thumbup:

So construction time..

IMG_20130204_153017.jpgIMG_20130204_153114.jpgIMG_20130204_153033.jpgIMG_20130204_175811.jpgIMG_20130204_175818.jpgIMG_20130204_175907.jpgIMG_20130204_175917.jpgSee a door.. :p

Also I found some styrene tube just the right size to make the side thruster type parts on the outer edge of the sub
seen here...marine 15.jpgmarine 16.jpg

Okay, i'm off for a weekend with the wife and kids at a Haven holiday site till Monday so will post more soon....
Hope you've enjoyed my little sub build pics...till next time,
Thanks for having a look.

Regards Andy :roll:


Coming along nicely Andy , I see it's another true "miniature " build ! You must have a good set of eyeballs , the older I get , the bigger my scratchbuilds get ! :wtf:


:oops: Sorry Thunder forgot to mention its another little build...And as far as my eyes....Errr No :no:
Found out last summer while struggling with small print and small builds that I now need to wear glasses cos everything is blurry .. :cry:
Old age is catching me up now, dunno how i'm gonna last another 30+ years :eek:ld: :lol:

Regards Andy :thumbup:


You take care of those eyes, Andy!

Years of staring at badly-calibrated computer screens have left me with ruined eyesight. I now need reading glasses as well as normal glasses, and even then, I have trouble reading the smallprint on tins and the like... At least the passing of flickery CRTs means I don't get migraines any more.

mike s

yeh me too - although the small print on packaging these days is insanely small, and its not just your imagination, its like choc bars aren't as big either

I find if I'm on the mac less my eyes largely recover

You take care of those eyes, Andy!

Years of staring at badly-calibrated computer screens have left me with ruined eyesight. I now need reading glasses as well as normal glasses, and even then, I have trouble reading the smallprint on tins and the like... At least the passing of flickery CRTs means I don't get migraines any more.


...So where was I ? Oh yeah construction pics for the little P1 sub.. :brows:
Since my last post (nearly a month Sorry!!) we have seen some rain and a lot of sun and HOT weather which is why my posts have been so late.
...but P1 hmmmm, as I said I am gonna make a little interior even though it wont really be seen..( I'll know its there ) we'll start with that bit.
So I made some tiny chairs and consoles then painted them up,
painted the rear wall and door and then painted the floor brown as I have seen some shots of this with a dark brown finish.
Next some close-up of the finished interior and a couple of the rear end bulked out with "oasis" type of foam.
Oasis is the foam flower arrangers use Mainly comes in green, I got beige.

Now this is where I always( and did with this ) mess it up.. Canopies and clear pieces. I use CA glue.. BAD... :hmm: ..
the curing process gives off vapours which fog clear parts plus I always end up "fingerprinting" it.. :oops:

Now I messed that up, you'll never see that interior now...
So on with the skinning of the upper hull. :thumbup:
Okay... so you can just see it but there is some painting to kill it off with yet.. :lol:

I will continue with the lower hull and engine area now using up a couple of those "borrowed" lotto cards,
.. oh and some used iTunes card she had in there lol.. :eek:

Now hopefully you can start and see a P1 slowly taking shape? :-/
Next post I will get out the milliput and shape those curves, fix up the tailfin and get some engines and thrusters on her.

Thanks for taking a look.
Regards Andy :D

Captain Sci-Fi

A great demonstration of this technique for capturing those curves, bit jealous of your drawing skills too .:D

I meant to ask before, does anyone remember the mechanical fish from the Lion Comic? If I remember correctly it was red with a big bubble canopy and a jointed body. There were a few designs from those comics that are now classic.


I don't remember a mechanical fish in Lion comic. What time period? Lion comic ran from 1952 until late 70s when it merged with Valiant.

My Dad was the Chief Electrician for the Fleetway Printers printworks in Gravesend where all the Fleetway comics and annuals were printed - including the early 2000AD comics, so I collected Lion during the 70s and now have a complete set of the Annuals from 1952 up to the early 80s when they stopped printing them.


right where was we?
Oh yeah, back with the P1 and I promised some milliput work, a tailfin straighten and some thrusters on it....:thumbup:

So if you look at the Sub you will notice its a very curvy and rounded wing sided craft..
The underside needs to be built up for the main thruster area and the sides need to be worked to start and round them up a step at a time... you'll see....:yes:
Next up the torpedo tubes and launch tubes on the top..
Trim up the tailfin then give you an idea what it'll look like with the nose spike on....:brows:
Getting there, so now I'll build up the nose to spike area and try and bump up the wing/hull area trying a side thruster on for detail and maybe even build up the main thruster and show you some lower torpedo tube..
Rear thruster time...
...and lastly the nose to spike build up and the underside detailing and building up... :thumbup:

And so we are nearly there.... some sanding, more filling and shaping and some fixing on of the side thrusters and we'll be ready for paint..:D
..and the final pictures show the sub ready for some paint..
Gonna paint it all white then work from there..but that's next time my friends.
Until then.. thanks for dropping by and having a look.

Regards Andy


Yee Gods!
This is taking me back - I remember watching Gigantor when we were living in Singapore in '64 (looks like I'm the oldest here? 1960?).


Is it just me or does the second Marine Boy intro clip music have a hint of Skippy the Bush Kangaroo about it?


Long post with lots of pics!

So back to wrap up this build... :thumbup:
I left off with the sub needing some paint and TLC, so as it is a cartoon sub I decided to give it a bright cartoony paint up.
The sub is bright red and white in the toon so finding some Artists Acrylic and a brush I set to work but not before undercoating it white then a gloss white spray for the white bits laid on thick..
Then out with the brush and Red,,,
Finishing off with the silver on the nose spike and removing the masking to uncover the still semi-clear windows and the white edging.
A coat of auto clear gloss lacquer applied thick gave the sub a super shiny finish
helping to remove any trace of brush marks in the process.:thumbup:
Shiny and red.. :D

Now I need a base to place this sub on and I have decided to display it as best remembered... splashing through the waves, cue music jingling in the back ground..... :brows:
After watching various how-to's on line on water effects and being tight as, I decided to improvise with the water effect..
Using an old DVD case and some cardboard I cut and shaped another borrowed lotto card and made it turn upward to give the desired rise in the water look.
I used an old clear pop bottle to cut out and glue hull splash waves on the front of this ready for the application of "water"..
Using Cheap decorators caulk I spread it over the card, then using a skewer and borrowed coffee stirrers from Subway stippled, shaped and worked splash and wave effects spiking and pulling up in the caulk to give the splash and working the caulk between the plastic to give the hull splash look....
Then I added the sub checking the effect and making sure the sub thrusters lined up with the swirl in the water at the rear.
Time to paint and using the good old Artists acrylics I mixed green, grey and blue and mixed and worked them until the colours looked right.
After I topped the crests and splashes with white. When dry a couple of coats of the gloss lacquer gave the desired wet look.

So as this draws to a close, the only thing left is to pair them up and post some finished pictures....:thumbup::brows:
I decided to add an appropriate backing to promote where the sub came from, so a couple of downloads later and a bit more cardboard and at
last I call it finished... :think:
Okay its not great but it was cheap and easy to build, and as there is not much to compare it with I think it will do.

Hope you all enjoyed this build.

Thanks for dropping by for a look. :yes:
Till the next little build.. :brows:

Regards Andy


That's a great little build Andy from one of my fave childhood shows.

You can pay a fortune for accurate looking scale water materials, but you've achieved a brilliantly effective low-cost solution that looks the business. :thumbup:


Brilliant ! Andy , you have a style and way of doing these lovely little models that's genuinely unique . Everything , from design and conception , to the use of materials is superb and gives each piece a "hand crafted" look which is all your own . Another work of art . Well done ( again!) :thumbup:


Thanks Skiffy. I watched a couple of YouTube videos showing "magic water" products used, and clear mastic/sealant where you paint the underlying surface then sealant over and stipple that. Well I didn't have any clear acrylic sealant so made do. I think it adds to the cartoony effect quite well.:thumbup: thanks again for your kind comments.
Thunder, cheers mate for always giving me positive posts back. :oops:
My style is unique..... I like to call it "cheap and nasty look"
Glad you enjoy them dude, hopefully sometimes like Skiffy noted above it reminded him of one of his childhood favorite's.
That's all I want, if people can recognise it then it must be okay. :yes:
Cheers guys, I will sort out a new build thread in the coming weeks for another 70's anime classic..:brows:

Regards Andy.