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scaling up blueprints


Forum Supporter
Hi All,

I'm sure it's been asked before but I am unable to locate any thread through the search engine. I have purchased the Chris Trice/Daniel P blueprints and was wondering how much I have to scale these up for my 44" build to lay out for templates.

Thanks for any help.



Forum Supporter
Actually the drawings come in at a hair over 21&1/2 inches for a total overall length of 43&1/16. Although my ruler may not be as accurate as Chris's. This is what I found here:

However the Catacombs list Eagle 1 at 102cm which is just over 44". Who's to be sure? I'll be going with the drawings done as explained above, as Chris had access to the model itself.

Remembering that the models refered to as 44" are actually 43&1/4" in reality, so the plans should show a length of 21&5/8" to start with. :)