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Sci Fi Airshow

Big Rab

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Great idea :thumbup:

It really does give you a sense of perspective, with the size the Eagle would be (or perhaps WILL be?) in real life.

More photos like that please with all the Gerry Anderson equipment :clap:


Sci-Fi Airshow

For those of you on Facebook, check out the link here to a new group started called "Sci-Fi Airshow"

Fantastic photos of a dream airshow - featuring none other than our beloved Eagle !

Absolutely brilliant !!! :thumbup:


Is there a bigger picture of the 'infamous Bukinghamshire crash'? That would make a great wallpaper! :)


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I will have to go and check out the Facebook page in the very near futtre then....


That's amazing. Wasn't sure from the small images whether it was artwork or models, but on viewing the large wallpapers, it is stunning artwork! Wish there were a couple of bigger ones of the Orion coming in to land.

Makes my RTL2 Leuchars airshow one very inferior.


PS just found the guided tour slide show. Just stupendous work!
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Can't believe they did the Hawk first as well sheer genius. Had my wife and kids totally convinced that the was someone out there who had made a full size eagle.

Steve Gerard

w8cmp , thank you for posting!

w8cmp, thank you.:thumbup: What a brilliant site SCI FI AIRSHOW. The images are simply brilliant and the text written is great!

Steve Gerard

So I have to ask, was Alan Carter the one who crashed the Eagle in Bukinghamshire? ;)
:lol: Someone had to ask it.:D
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