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Scifi-Meshes Eagle, very cool!


Here is the design I was talking about. Jeffery Wright has posted this over at sci-fi meshes and has given me permission to post these. He said in time he might join Eagle transporter, but for now is currently busy with sci-fi meshes.
I think it’s a great design, it retains much of what we like about the Eagle, but nicely updated as well.


Designed by Jeffery Wright – Sci-Fi-Meshes


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Thanks for posting.
That's very interesting. A great deal of thought, time and imagination has gone into this so far. Kudos!
I like the open architecture, the arrangement of the leg pod thrusters and the sprung clamps joining the leg pods to the walkways.
Not sure about the rectangular tubing, or the shape of the thruster bells.
I'd love to see this finished - and tackle building it one day.
Undoubtedly a very interesting concept and I must praise the artist for its ingenuity regarding many details of his revised Eagle.
Once thing though, in the event of a series reboot I certainly wouldn’t appreciate to see the original Eagle replaced with this or any other concept.
Thanks for posting these photos Eaglelover!

Jorge 8)

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Ive been followin this for some time and i like the way the guy is treating it, still making it smart and possible while sleeker.
I generally like it, but with certain reservations. I do not know if the shape of the RCS thrusters would have an impact on their efficiency or not, but I have doubts on the locations of them within the unit. It seems to me that if two of them were to fire at the same time, they could try and rip the pod off the mounts. It also seems to me that the pods would now be eaven easier to rip off in a crash landing, although maybe this is deliberate design to increase the survivability of the crash by dissipating some of the energy.

I also don't understand what he is doing with the front entry hatch in the CM, this removes so much otherwise usefull space that I just can't see the point. Otherwise the CM is large enough to be practical as a self-contained smaller craft for maybe repairs on the main frame of the craft in space, or as an emergency life-pod for the entire crew, something that is a great idea.

Like Eagletransporter, I would prefer the original design to be used in any new project to get S:1999 back on the screens, but this is a very creditable project with only a few niggles so far as I can see and some great, well thought out ideas. Can't wait to see more of this design.


I think they could use this no problem in a series reboot or whatever, but not as an Eagle. Definately a new ship. Looks cool


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I think the front and rear of what will eventually become the spine need to be flattened a little - and I can't wait to see the spine extended across the top of the pod.
I'd widen the engine assembly, and alter the pod design as there seems to be a lot of wasted space.


Sorry, I don't want to sound negative, but I think the more I see of it the more it looks completely overdesigned...

The thing that makes an Eagle look realistic is, that nothing on the craft seems to be unnecessarily.

I do know that it is a lot of work to make a good 3D model, and I am not critisizing the model but the design. Sorry.