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Scorpio by Masterpiece Models


I was going to get Titan Find's model of the scorpio, but they folded before i did, which was gutting. But, with Masterpiece Models taking over the moulds, i'm a happy bunny.
Taking two weeks to arrive after ordering, which was nice as i thought it'd be longer, i at last had it in my mitts and set to work right away.
Assembly was a doddle, the biggest effort was cleaning off the quite considerable amount of mould release.
The engine grills are clear cast, so you can light them, especially as the area behind them have covers and its hollow inside but, as i'm doing the landing gear down option, they wouldn't be on.

With a coat of red primer on, it looked almost done!

Trouble was, the basecoat that i'd mixed up is rather translucent, so appeared too muddy and dull over the red. So i gave it a coating of white primer

And then applied the basecoat, made from a mix of Yellow Ochre and Cadmimum Orange, changing the ratio with each brush stroke to keep the colour blotchy and random.