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Scratchbuilding the Wanderer Class K47

Been thinking about trying to build this ship [ amongst other things ] and trying to identify the parts.

I can only find one small picture at the moment -

but I seem to remember quite a few of the parts came from the Airfix Space shuttle - which I have. Anyone else identify more of the parts [ there was a few better photos on here but I can't find them ].


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Here are three photos of the K47 Wanderer I took at "Return To Gauda Prime 2" last April.

These photos are about 90% reduced. If you want the originals (which are 6000x4000 and in the region of 5MB each), PM me your email address and I'll send them on.

I can't promise, but I might have some more photos knocking around (I tend to photograph B7 stuff wherever I see it).


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Mega thanks for those Exterminator and any more you have would be greatly appreciated. It looks like a few bits have broken off the model over time as the rear engines are missing plus 1 or 2 other broken bits.

You can see the Shuttle boosters clearly and thanks to your photos I can see what looks to be engine parts from the Eagle kit too.


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Here's a load more photos, taken by Andy (Clanger68 - ta!), I've uploaded them with his permission.

With the exception of the Shuttle boosters and tanks (like you said), it looks like the majority of the main structure is all EMA tubes, hemispheres and probably a section of a 60 degree cone (VC-60) at the back.

A Couple of details to note - firstly our old friend the KW-12 "column wedge" is present (these are on pretty much all B7 and Who ships of this era, it was pretty much a legal requirement to stick some on!).

More interesting are the items on the tips of the pods. Their description is "Mercury Vapor Hazard Gd." These are not part of EMA's stock, they are available from their parent company in the USA, Plastruct. Not a problem though, EMA get a delivery from the States every fortnight, and you can phone EMA with your order and have them to be included in the shipment (no minimum order, you can order just a handful). They come in two sizes, the Plastruct codes are LF-212 and LF-216. These are also used on the Andromedan "hairdryer" Scout ship!

Well, stop reading this and get building!! :brows: :lol:


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Many thanks Exterminator and Andy. Invaluable pics and I'd never noticed KW12 on there before. I'm fairly certain the part behind the pod tip is an engine part from the shuttle as I'm sure you'll already know but I was trying to figure out if the actual pod tips were from a kit so it's great to get that cleared up.

Wonder what happened to the rear engines though? From that 1st photo you've posted (which I've seen on here before) they look to me like parts from an Imai Eagle but it's hard to tell. Other parts that seem to be missing are some kind of supports that were attached linking the boosters to each other.

One of the reasons why I thought about building this was because it looked like one of the easier B7 ships to make in between other things. Of course knowing the way things pan out it probably won't be that quick for me. I've got to get 2 other shuttle kits plus those Plastruct parts but thanks to your photos I've got much more of an idea now.
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Here's an enlargement of that section of image.

Perhaps we've finally found a use for an Imai Eagle??!! :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Indeed! I'm amazed though that the engines have gone missing seeing as it's a part of Blakes 7 history. It's obviously been cared for enough by someone as they've put it in exhibitions yet the engines have disappeared. Plus it looks like other bits have fallen off since that first photo you posted.


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Could it be an Airfix Eagle? That's a BBC VisFX "regular", just like the Saturn V, Space Shuttle and Girder Bridge kits!
I don't think it's an Airfix eagle as the bells look a different shape to me looking at that photo and the tanks are a totally different shape [ obviously parts of the engine tanks have been used on the body and command module though ]. The Imai ones do look similar but would that kit have been available anyway in the UK back then?

I wonder what the round ball for the command module was too?


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I've got the Saturn V and Airfix Eagle kits, so I'll have a look at them.

I wonder what the round ball for the command module was too?
It looks like a couple of clear EMA hemispheres with styrene bits glued to them. Another rocket bell stuck on the front?
I've got the Saturn V and Airfix Eagle kits, so I'll have a look at them.

It looks like a couple of clear EMA hemispheres with styrene bits glued to them. Another rocket bell stuck on the front?

Could well be. I've just checked the shuttle kit and there's a shape similar to the bit you mention stuck on the front but it's obviously not the part when you look at it. Those yellow circles could be shuttle wheels but even though they're very similar they don't seem to have a dip around the hubcap like the ones in my kit.
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I've had a look through the following kits, and there's nothing in them that resembles the "boosters" on the back of the Wanderer:

  • Airfix Vostok 1
  • Airfix Saturn V
  • Airfix Saturn 1B
  • Airfix Space Shuttle
  • Airfix 1:72 Lunar Module
  • Airfix SR-N1 Hovercraft
  • Airfix/AMT/Fundimensions Eagle Transporter
  • Revell 1:48 Lunar Module
  • Revell BSG Colonial Viper
  • Monogram Cylon Raider
I can't think of any other kits commonly available at the time that might have rocket bells in them. The bells are "stepped", whereas the ones in the kits tend to have bands around them. I think we can rule out the Star Wars kits of the time (X-Wing and Darth Vader's TIE), and also Star Trek stuff. I wonder if these bits are from a toy?

Anyone else?
I've got 6 out of the 10 kits you've posted so interesting to see the others don't have the parts as well [ and thanks - you've saved me from buying them for this ].

Even though it's hard to tell from the photo - the Imai ones I have definitely resemble them [ plus stepped ] and look about the same size so it's possible whoever built it used the Imai kits engine bells and the fuel tank or tanks behind them was something else. Could be from a toy though or even an aircaft.


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You know, I was thinking the same about the Starcruiser...
I used a set of those engine bells on a model about 30 years ago...
I've still got the model, but engine bit has broken off years ago, I've found one bell, but rest, God knows. I think there was 6 in the kit, might be wrong...

Andy H.


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Oh, I'd completely forgotten about this!!

I've attached a couple of images of the "Starcruiser 1" kit, "lovingly stolen" off the 'net!!


  • sim.jpg
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  • Starcruiser 4.jpg
    Starcruiser 4.jpg
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Thanks both for posting those. The only thing is maybe they look a bit long and possibly too big? The Imai ones still look a bit more like the ones in the photo to me as they have a flatter end which seems to be attached to the base tank [ or whatever it is ]. Hard to say.


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I've done a quick chop 'n' shrink job on one of Andy's images, just so you can see the Starcruiser engine bell next to the ones on the Wanderer. I can see similarities ...

Just to add to the "controversy", what if the Starcruiser engine bells were cut off and stuck on to something else, like an EMA ring (they're ABS, start with the code "VX-")?

EDIT: I've just found an image of a close-up of an Imai Eagle's engine bells - they don't look like the ones on the Wanderer!

Another thought - some larger kit sprues have a "ring" in their centres. I seem to remember that these rings have a slight profile, so how about this - Starcruiser engine bells chopped off and fixed to a ring-shaped piece of sprue??!! :think:


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  • Imai engine bells.jpg
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