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Scratchbuilding the Wanderer Class K47

Had to take all the supports off as they were a bit too long so I've cut them down and I've started sticking them back on. Bit of a pain but the bridge sections didn't look like they'd fit on the tanks otherwise. Hopefully they will now and then at last I can start putting the tanks on. Also got a new much needed tin of Halfords white primer.
Another tedious thing I've just had to do is sand and try to bring back details on the lower left tank. The reason is because I've bought three shuttle kits so far. When I say three I mean two complete unstarted kits and one which was basically a jumble of started bits in the box. I bought this trying to keep down costs as all the shuttle kits at the time on Ebay were at least £40 [ I wouldn't normally pay that for an old widely available kit but I just wanted to get on with things ].

So anyway as I've said the kit had been started and the various pipes etc had already been stuck on the tank so I had to take them all off. One real pain was when I took the main pipe off it also took off the 4 hooks which hold it. I managed to painstakingly get the hooks off the pipe and stick them back on the tank which involved a bit of swearing.

I was at one point just going to use one of the other tanks from the unstarted kit but having looked at the Wanderer photos I noticed the lower left tank had some of the grooves filled in anyway and some red stripes put on the area in question. Luckily I didn't have to fill that area in as when I broke the pieces off it left the area with a section of the various parts and all I had to do was just sand the area flat. So it worked out quite well in that respect though I'm still trying to get as much detail back that should be there as possible [ such as a few holes which I've used a pin to open the area up with ].

I've stuck one tank on successfully so when I've finished with this tank I'll obviously be putting that on too plus the other one.
Here's the attached tank. The supports I've made can hopefully be seen [ still need to add 1 to the bootom of the main body ].


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Again I know the photo's aren't the clearest but hopefully where I've filled in the grooves and sanded can be seen on the tank in the top of the picture ready for the stripes. The bottom tank is how it came with the kit.


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Hurray! Finally got 3 tanks on. Hopefully apart from the 4th tank [ which I'll be getting in the new year ] the main work's been done and I can then get on with the command module and detailing. Probably my last update until the new year.


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  • WANDERER 3 TANKS 2.jpg
    WANDERER 3 TANKS 2.jpg
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Still waiting to get another tank so hopefully not long before I can get one cheap. Started doing my Pursuit ship again though in the mean time.
Even more hurray! Finally got the 4 tanks on. -


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    WANDERER 4 TANKS 3.jpg
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    WANDERER 4 TANKS 2.jpg
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Yes thankfully all the main work's been done now which is great [ I'm also fairly close to finishing the main body on my pursuit ship too ].

Obviously the command module is the last major piece to do on the Wanderer and then the details. Question is though what do I use for the command module?
Command module stuck on temporarily with blu tac before detailing -


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Some of the framing glued on using styrene strip and other details stuck on temporarily with blu tac to get a picture.


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Here's another pic. Hopefully a bit better quality and needless to say the framing at the front isn't finished yet -


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What's holding me up at the moment is figuring out how best to do the ring on the nose. I know I could probably use very thin strip styrene [ which I have ] but getting it as near perfectly round is a problem.
Try dipping the strip in boiling water and then laying it on the part to conform to the shape - usually works ok but takes a bit of practise.
Try dipping the strip in boiling water and then laying it on the part to conform to the shape - usually works ok but takes a bit of practise.

Thanks for that but the strip I have is very flexible anyway as it's so thin. Another problem is not getting glue on the clear sphere as the circle goes right along it [ mind you there's a black line which appears to have been done on the studio model which is helpful ].

I've been looking for a styrene circle amongst the many kits and spares I have but can't find anything suitable. it's a very thin circle so I might get some even thinner strip - though that might be too fragile as the strip I have looks like it won't take much bending etc. It's annoying as once I've sorted this out I can finally glue the command module on and start painting it and finishing the final details. Always some hold up!
Afraid I got distracted by other things such as my Revell Star destroyer [ plus life in general getting in the way ] but I'll be getting back to this shortly. I'd still rather do this in one piece though so I'm looking to find a plastic/PVC pipe where I can cut the end off, sand it down and stick it on. Not much luck finding one so far though.