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scritps for Space 1999

No iam not nuts (well ok eagles but that is why i'm here)

got a idea about the idea the patch for moonbase Alpha
(Yes? what about it?)

well how about this same patch But insteed of moonbase it reads
rescue = Alpha Rescue!!

how can this band of misfits find Alpha? ( Maya's Message the way it was sent can be traced back to the source)
how can the group get there? four super swifts but together as one
(only one cm, massive thrust engines on back)
this allows them to "slap it together"
why the rush? the C.O. of the Vessel has a "gut feeling" the the big brains
are a wee bit off and that the upcoming ice age well happen sooner than what they say
the crew is in the dark about what the C.O. thinks is going to happen
so why the rush?( the crew ask)

so what do you all think?? could this be a "doable"?

feel like i'm fishing ( a lot of nimbles but no bites)
well what if the project could be in a cartoon form? ( yes some has said write the script....but when it is done where to go with it?)

it would be neat to do (but i know hard all the way up hill on fire)
still (yes i must be nuts) well any ideas?? how about a member of Maya's
people on the rescue ship? 100 ft killer space chickens from mars?

(really just a joke--might do the sene for a blooper)
well stay warm all happy thoughts to you and good health


Actually, a cartoon version could work for the original versions of Space: 1999, although I'm sure it wouldn't be able to utilise all the original actors to supply the voices. Still, might be kind of cool.

Certainly, a re-imagined S:99 could also go the cartoon route, depending upon the cost of the animation (traditional and/or CGI).

Well yes the cartoon route is good but it must wait untill i
can build "Ampzilla" (super computer) and the program, editing softwear
exter screen. ect ect :cry:

one way to go is do what another group of fans has done just take the role as that char. ie William Mc fart as nick tate

not to be disrespectfull of the actors crew but how could you get them to do it? the cost? and would the be willing to take the time out of there lifes to do the senes? but if you could do it for film it would be good to get the orgnial actors to be in a epsideo it will be a ruff task to just get started
but might get some what better as the project takes "life" (IT"S Alive)
but for the most part it is just a idea waiting to become a script. ( or stick figure story board)

but keep up the faith it will happen some day before NASA gets there!!!