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Space 1999 Casualties list

9 crew killed prior to episode starting (Radiation)
3 more killed from radiation during episode
4 pilots killed, seen in episode, when the base breaks away
2 Eagles seen destroyed
1 Eagle presumed lost attached to Meta Probe station

A matter of life and death


Black Sun
1 Eagle destroyed
1 pilot killed (Mike)

Ring around the moon
1 member of Moonbase killed (Ted)
1 co-pilot killed in Eagle crash
One eagle damaged (Crash landed on the moon)


1 (Commissioner Simmons)

Another Time, Another Place

1 (Regina)

The Missing Link
One Eagle damaged (Crash landed on the moon)

The Guardian of Piri

1, Female dies giving victor a blood transfusion

Force of Life

4, Technician dies, Medical orderly, Security Guard, Ian McShane

Alpha Child


The Last Sunset

One Eagle destroyed

Voyagers Return
One Eagle destroyed,
2 – Queller, Eagle Pilot

Collision Course


Death’s Other Dominion


The Full Circle

1 crew

The End Of Eternity

1 (Mike Baxter)

The Last Enemy

Possibly some casualties from the bombardment (Helena mentions causalities)

The Troubled Spirit

2 (Warren and Matteo)

Space Brain

Two Eagle’s Destroyed
3 Pilots killed (including Kelly)

The Infernal Machine

Three eagles Destroyed
1 Lunar Tank Destroyed
8?? Pilots and Drivers

Mission Of The Darians

1 – Security Guard Lowry

Dragon’s Domain

1 (Tony Chelleni)
1 Eagle Lost (Chelleni’s Eagle, which is clearly left behind and the main body discarded)

Testament of Arcadia
2 persons missing, left on Arcadia
1 Eagle missing

Total of 13 Eagles lost or Destroyed
47 Casualties (Probably more like 50 including Last Enemy)


We're talking only about Alphan casualties, right? (Because in "Breakaway" you have the spacedock crew blowing up with the station.) As for the Eagle that got flung from that station, how do we know it was from Alpha and not Earth, or just assigned to that station? Don't know if we can count it as Alphan.

In "The Troubled Spirit," Laura Adams wa also killed.

I thought in "The Infernal Machine," at least two of the lunar tanks got destroyed, but only the 'eagle-beaked' version had two pilots; the domed types have a single pilot each. And just a tought: might the Eagles only have had a single pilot each?
I think its safe to assume that the Eagle attached to the Station in Breakaway was part of the Alpahan fleet as tests were being carried out on the Metaprobe, and the Metaprobe pilots and the backup crew were all clearly based at Alpha, but naturally would have had to go back and fourth between the two using that Eagle.

Ah yes, I missed Laura Adams out. On Infernal Machine, when there are shots of pilots in laser equipped Eagles, there is never any consistency between the number of pilots present, sometimes there are one and sometimes two, purely down to production statistics of the show and the footage they shot at the time, despite how we might want to spin it later.
There's also nothing in the show that mentions numbers of crew in the vehicles. I put one destroyed, because the shot in the show wasn't long enough to show if the vehicles were totally destroyed or not. I think in balance, when there probably would have been at least ten personnel killed in 'The Last Enemy' if not more, so these figures are a little conservative.

I'm not going to do Season 2, for one thing I don't own it, and apart from 'The Bringers Of Wonder' I would never sit through that series again.


That 'spacedock Eagle' point seems logical enough. Anybody ever wonder if it was Gorski's shuttle en route back to Earth?

Have to disagree about so many fatalities in "The Last Enemy," or for that matter, about any fatalities. Casualties can mean injuried people, not necessarily killed people. Near the end of the episode, Helena remarks that there weren't many severe injuries (death being pretty darned severe, in my opinion), just several cases of ear damage. "Well. We've got five cases of middle ear damage. It's not serious. There's nothing permanent. We're lucky."

As for crew count in vehicles in "The Infernal Machine," I was simply trying to point out that the fatality count might not have been as high as eight. (On the other hand, it could have been higher, but more on that later.)
In the tanks we can see (thanks to high-def) that there is only one pilot per domed tank. Perhaps we could presume that there is also a gunner, but that's just the same as presuming that each Eagle had two pilots in it. Or presuming that the tanks weren't destroyed in the explosions as they were hit... personally, I'm pretty sure that if a single shot could take out a large Eagle, a single shot could take out a small tank. (By the way, the novilization based upon the original shooting script had the tanks remote controlled from Main Mission, which was actually interesting from a safety standpoint, and gave Winters something else to do! However, as I mentioned, the high-def grabs definitely show the tanks in the episode as manned. )
Based upon the vehicles hit by Gwent (and assuming that 'hit' equals 'destroyed'), we can know for certain that two tank drivers and three Eagle pilots were killed, giving us five certain fatalities. If the Eagles had copilots, that brings the total up to eight, which actually matches your total. And for those who like a high carnage tally, if the tanks had another person in each, the fatality total becomes ten (pretty heavy losses for one episode, to be sure).
So, I guess eight could be a reasonable compromise, between minimum & maximum possible fatalities.
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I did wonder if they were going to do a battle of the planets and say 'Move those remote control tanks in!' lol

On 'The Last Enemy' I based the guess more on the structual damage to the base, which showed several sections of Alpha ripped open and exposed to a vacume, which I am sure even Rudi's 'Tight around the bottom' trousers couldn't have stopped a few people from being blown out into space or killed from the ensuing explosions. The damage to the base structures, if you watch the clip, is pretty extensive. Similar hits on the base in Wargames cause quite a number of casualties (In Koneigs head at least) but hey, its only a TV show. My perception of that episode in the Space 1999 reality as it were, is that some people would have been killed. But I guess we will never know..... :O)


In this particular case, though, we do know based on Helena's report. Additionally, before the first missiles hit Alpha, Koenig had Paul order all non-essential personnel to deep shelters, and even had the (temporarily non-functional) Eagles lowered into their 'bunkers.' It's a safe bet that most of the surface buildings were empty by the time they suffered any damage, and that Helena's concern (as any good medico should be concened) during the actual assault was about the potential of casualties under a sustained, two-front bombardment. During the height of the attack, her actual words were "John, the damage, the casualties. We can't take much more!" Clearly, even if the base personnel were for the moment safe underground, they wouldn't remain so if a majority of the base above them were rendered uninhabitable. Plus, it's likely that sooner, rather than later, a missile might strike deeply enough to take out a shelter and kill scores of people. But it was later during the 'coming down' phase after hostilities had ceased that she was able to make an accurate assessment of the real casualties that had occurred, assuring both John and the viewing audience that all Alphans were well.
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Wow You Guys are really passionate about this Stuff!

I think they started off with 311 men & women on MBA (Breakaway)

and I seem to remember hearing the total at around 298 some time in the 2nd season.

All I can say is with the amount of people getting killed and flipping out and going Lunar-Loopy on Moon Base:wtf::~::nuts: it's no wonder everyone wants to get away from Alpha!


Balor killed one of Helena's nurses as well and we didn't see him reanimate her with his power! But she did appear in other episodes but that depends on which order you watch them as to whether she survived or not...


:2c: :gossip: :read:

When I was writing my Terra Alpha fan-fic a few yrs back, something to sort-out, early-on, was how to address the issue of just how many Alphans had survived to finally get to Operation Exodus...

Rather than attempt to compile a specific number (which, as we've seen, remains a subject for speculation!), I opted for taking a broader approach; something like this:

...from Eagle pilots, technicians, doctors and nurses, to scientists, engineers, data analysts, miners and academics - everyone who was still alive - they were all there, in the thin and unfamiliar air, already plucking at their lungs, of Terra Alpha...


With 298 people on alpha in the second series then either they've had 48 kids born or they're making the people in the residence section work for a change!