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Season 3 Thunderbirds Are Go CGI

Anyone know what happened to yesterdays episode? There was kids programmes and Zoe Ball on from around 8.00 till around 9.30. No sign of it.


As I understand it, the first half of this season finished with episode 9. The balance of episodes are due to air in late summer, early autumn.
I really hate split seasons!
In the old days (60's-70's) they just went to summer reruns and gave you a chance to watch episodes again. Now they recycle the time slots to alternate programming with DVD/BR sales so lucrative.


The original series strived to make the show look as realistic as possible using miniatures- the vehicles had mass and surface detailing which looked to scale.
The new show has the virtual cameras set up to make the ships look like handheld toys.
The difference to me is like comparing the soaring of an eagle to the buzzing of a bluebottle.
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Swine Flu

Zoe Ball hates Thunderbirds & would rather have have wall to wall gardening programmes on instead!
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Watched part one of the finale. Staggeringly bad. Every TB craft flying through space!

Accents unbearable as well - Alan in particular.

What a missed opportunity.