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Seaview Eternal: David Hedison


:2c: :(

And yet another piece of the past slips away, with the news of the passing of actor David Hedison…

While some of you may more readily recall his appearances in several James Bond films, those of us out here with *ahem* somewhat-longer memories remember him as Capt Lee Crane of the super-sub Seaview in the 1960s Irwin Allen series Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.

One of my girlfriends in school had quite the mad crush on Lee (and, yes, he was quite a looker! ;)) during that time…! :wub:

He also appeared in the original 1950s version of the sci-fi/horror film The Fly.

Sad news, but good memories. Flying Sub, Departing...


Very sad, one of my childhood heroes from VTTBOTS.

They say bad news always comes in threes.
First David Hedison, then Rutger Hauer, and now I've seen that Jeremy Kemp has also died.
He played Jean-Luc Picard's brother in STNG and Dr. Ernst Linden in Space:1999.