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7 Oct in the UK
Just couldn't help myself. Great movie, go see it. Don't make me come
over there :thumbup:
Now that I've got that out, it looks like there may be two possible sources
in the near future for kits of Serenity. One from a respected "Garage kit" maker.
It might be named something like- Lightning bug 'Tranquility'
and hopefully in 1/144 He hasn't started on it yet so we shall see.
The other one, well, those that know from whence it will come aren't saying
yet due to licensing and legal whatnot, but that in itself says something.
Don't know exactly what though :think:
As you all no doubt know. I like my models BIG!
1/144 would put it at around 16" or 40cm. While thats not quite studio scale
(Yes, there are real life studio models of it) Thats plenty big.


Forum Supporter
Oooooh, a Firefly class ship model, cool. I have the series on DVD, I found it a strange descision to cancel the series after 17 episodes, as I really enjoyed it. But hey, we have the movie to look forward to now.
Ohhh, a Serenity model, would be sooooooooooo cool.

I really enjoyed the show, and looking forward to seeing the movie.



We saw it last weekend. Better than the last three Star Wars movies and more intelligent but clearly from the writer of Buffy. All the martial art fighting didn't seem right for the characters with the exception of the girl. Some nice humour if a little cliche in places but the story kept you engaged and I didn't get bored. Once again, a computer game is clearly part of the vision.

Seven out of ten?

Wallace and Gromit got an eight out of ten.


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Not been to see either Serenity or Wallace and Grommit as of yet, I want to go and see both of them. The trouble is the seats at my local multiplex give me chronic back ache, so I only go the cinema infrequently.


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Heh heh, good news indeed, my eldest daughter who has just recently finished four years at university doing an IT Multimedia course, has literally just got a part time job at the local multiplex, (I knew all that money would be well spent ;) ), which means she can sign in up to four family members at a time to see whatever movies they want, all free of charge, whooopeeee I shall be making some use of that.

Although I need to sort out the seat problem though, I suppose I could take a cushion with me, mind you getting in for free will no doubt dampen the back ache. :)
I got the DVD for Christmas great movie, I really like the ships they look so niece and used especially the Rever ships. I wish they hadn't canceled the show. :furious:


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I have just watched the series again for the secind time and thoroughly enjoyed it, I too would have liked to have seen much more of it as a TV series.

I bought the Firefly soundtrack CD a few weeks ago and I have Serenity and the Serenity soundtrack on order, so I have something to look forward to.


Went and saw Serenity 4 times in theater :dance:
Have the box set and lend it to everyone!
Have a resin cast of one of the original Mal pistol's
Have an autographed poster. Joss and 11 out of the 12 cast members
Anyone know if Hewitel Ejiofer lives in London? I mean to have his as
well. :w00t:
And though it looks like the size may be decreasing some, I'll be getting
one of these no matter the cost!

Guess I'm what they call a browncoat. And to think 6 months ago I had no
idea what Firefly was.


I've never actually seen any of Firefly / Serenity...

Managed to miss the TV series and the movie...but have the movie on order when it's released on DVD.

I'm looking forward to see what I have missed...



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Firefly is excellent, it took me a couple of episodes to get into it, although when I watched it the second time around last week I thoroughly enjoyed it, damn shame it was cancelled in my opinon. I would have thought that you would really need to see the series before watching the movie, there might be parts that you will not get otherwise, I think the movie is set about six months after the last episode.

I got the Firefly complete sereis one DVD box set off of Amazon last October for the bargain price of £9.99, I just recently took delivery of the Serenity movie book, some interesting stuff in there. BTW there is a 114 part resin kit of Serenity being produced in 1/87th scale, according to a post on SSM, no idea of price yet though.


Took your advice and got Firefly from Amazon on DVD. I've watched the first 5 episodes and I'm completely and utterly hooked...

Great series, and I'm looking forward to seeing Serenity when it's relased on DVD.

Thanks for the pointer to this - you don't often find series which are such fun and quality these days...such a shame it was cancelled.



I lent my box set to 4 people that had never seen the series.
The general consensis was "THIS got canceled!"

If you've only watched 5, then the best is yet to come. ;)


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I got the Serenity DVD the other day and watched it last night, I thoroughly enjoyed it, it filled in quite a bit of the back story to Firefly.

I am still of the opinion that it was a great shame that the series was cancelled in the first place, as it was a really good show with loads of future potential for the series.

Oh well I suppose small but perfectly formed will have to remain the order of the day with this one. :(


Chief Eagle Pilot
I saw the DVD's on sale for ages but never felt like buying them, I thought the Wild West slant to the show would not be my type of thing. How wrong I was, best Sci-Fi show in years and I love the special effects work, all that moving the camera, zooming in and out and out of focus stuff really sells the shots well.