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Series 1 Blu ray sale


Evening chaps , just a heads up to let you know that the good people at Network dvd are offering 50% off on series 1 blu ray (reduced to £12). Hurry as it only lasts a few days.
Hoping that we soon hear an announcement on the "Autumn 2015" release of series 2 !


You're welcome Jim !
There's more than a few classic British bargains to be had - The Professionals , Sweeney , numerous 70's sitcoms. I opted for Callan (in colour !) .


Hi Andy if you go to Network's homepage you'll spot "Sale" just below the logo , just click there. Or failing that type Space 1999 into their search facility and it will show up.



Chief Eagle Pilot
Yes it was a little difficult to find, but I did in the end.
I bought one 2 days ago and this morning it turned up :thumbup:
You can't get much better than that !
And considering its a 7 disk Blue Ray pack £12 is a bargin...

Fingers crossed for season 2