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SF & Fantasy Modeller No.11


Just received my copy - well up to it's excellent standard.
Not much GA content for a change - but a fascinating build-up of TB's roundhouse and a couple of pages on the recent Derek meddings book.

Other articles include building the Moebius Seaview kit (plus a host of accessories), building the B7 pursuit ship and Stargazer's Aries 1b from 2001.



Steve D

Also got mine this morning, there should be more than a few copies per year, inc specials. But knowing the guys who make it happen they are so pulled out with other stuff I for one am just in awe how they manage to produce such a quality book for the more avid devourers of this type of publication. Hats off to Mike, Dave and the regular contributers, bloody well done in a market that does not have enough of this type of publication to even make it work:clap::thumbup: