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SHADO Mobile Concept


Following on from the Gerry Anderson Scratchbuild contest. I have since weathered and added lots of new detail so here it is...


Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
What colour did you go with?

It looks really good when comparing to the studio models shots. The detail paintwork is just great especially mud all around the tracks and general rub marks. Nice job. :thumbup:


I love it!
You've even included the required "wheel thingy" on the top, Good job!
I'd add a little scorching to the rocket tubes, ...unless ... they don't actually work?


Thanks Bernie, Thanks Jeff.

I have added some subtle smoke at the front and rear of the tubes (of course they work....took a Raven out earlier :D)

Windscreen wiper fitted.....guess its finished now.

Off next week to go see the local IPMS for Coventry and Warwickshire. Met them at Telford and it turns out they are the same guys that my mate and I, when we were 16, used to cycle 3 miles to go to their model club at a different location. Its a small model world. Taking the MAV and maybe the Thunderbird 1 diorama if I can finish the base in time.

The local IPMS meet at an air stuff. Vulcan Bomber, Starfighter, Hind helicopter, Super Sabre, Phantom...great place.

Take Care