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Shado Mobile from Oz


Hi Everyone,
Happy new year!
For many years I have collected the parts nessessary to build a Shado Mobile.
Over the xmas break I exhumed these parts from their hiding places. This model had seen many builds and there is a wealth of information on it. So I gathered all this together and drew a set of drawings based on a length of 20.5 inches, 4 inch wide chassis and 9 inches wide on the body.
I started construction of the body using 3 and 6mm MDF...

Then the chassis was built out of 3mm acrylic with slots cut for the axles.
The Tiger Joe was then canibalized, axles were cut down to the correct width and spacers were made out of Evergreen tube.

The basic body structure is now complete and I've started work on the cab section (from 3mm MDF).

Here you can see detail of the suspension system, the front and rear axles take the weight of the vehicle and are sprung loaded. The middle wheels are cushioned by foam which allow them to float up and down. You can see I've also started work on the nose section of the vehicle.

More advanced work on the nose, with the cutouts for the lights in place.

Here I've added the air intake cowling out of aluminium sheet and the windows were heat formed over timber masters.

Front view

Kit parts added to the cab.
The Tilly the toiler and Faller parts were scratch built as I don't have the kits.

Heres the progress so far.


Your work just blows me away. Your post made that very hard work look very easy. :clap: Wow so far :yes:


Incredible!:clap: ALL of your work is very inspiring.:yes: :thumbup:
I hope I can create such matserpieces one day (Yeah, sure).

Steve Gerard

CaptainApollo simply brilliant work on your SHADO Mobile. Thanks for posting pictures of your work in progress.:thumbup:


Hi all , thanks for all the kind remarks. Today i managed to get the first coat of paint on the beasty, having finished all the body details.Iso love this vehicle, hats of to Mike Trim for such a great design. One area i have yet to complete is the detail under the nose. Ive picked some of the kit parts used. ie the honest john parts ie back of cab ,cross support for the stabilizer feet, and two parts from the Revel bridge layer. But the rest is a mystery does anyone have any more information Will p[ost progress shots soon ,cheers Jim
Most of the builds I have seen on this site are amazing, but that is just Amazingly Amazing! It's so cool you could keep a side of beef in it for a month! I only wish I could afford half the stuff people are talking about on this site at the moment, but the bits required for a build like that would have just shot to the top of my list - if I could afford any of them that is, what an inspiration, can't wait to see more of this build!


Lookin Great Captan!!

Lookin Great Captan!!:thumbup:
I'm about halfway thru with my mobile, got everything I need except time!! I've still got a few "mysteries" as well on the front and rear bits. Drop a line if you get a final word from our resident pro's.
Thanks for the motivation!!
Cheers, Jeff
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It looks fantastic! I've made plaster molds of my Shado acylic master about 2 years ago, but haven't touched it since I've been stalled because I have not learned how to fiberglass cast.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Go to Mark42's site. He has some details there I think

Which is made up and not even close to accurate! But in it's defence my model was built along time ago.
Unfortunately there is not a great deal of info about on the complex kit-bashed detail on the lower front end and most people resort to massively enlarging the existing photos to try and make sense of the bits of light and shadow under there.
Likewise my backend panel is not correct, but thanks to the efforts of people on this forum more info has come to light over the last couple of years, although in my opinion I've only ever seen one person build the back panel correctly, sadly it's not me.

Great work here CaptanApollo - as usual - looking forward to seeing it finished.


Hi Mark. Yep massively enlarged photoes and photo shop,are the order of the day. I have found a few parts under the nose, firstly part 1 honest john long rectangular plate with cut outs. in the middle of this is a gun tub from the B29, same part as at the rear either side of rear wheels. Next part, slopping plate in the middle, rests on B29 part, is again from the honest john,. rear of cab. The only other parts i can identify are the two rectangular plates, with rivits on them, i think these are parts 51 57 from the Revel bridge layer, looking at them side on, on a slight angle. The round drum on the left hand side is the wire drum from the back of the bridge layer, part 22 it appears to be only on one side The triangular braces on the out side i have no idear., i will end up having to scratch build them. on the rear below the detailed panel, i think the slopping back, is one of the bridge deck panels part 109 again from the Revel bridge layer, the width fits well with the 4 inch chassis. Will post progress shots soon, does any one have any further ideas. Jim


Wonderful looking Mobile!
I've ID'd most of the "Front Undercarriage" parts. They are mostly Honest John & Scissors Bridge. The biggest problem is what foundation they were "stacked" up on, to get them positioned correctly requires mounting a lot of sub structure. I have a few photos, let me figure out what to post.


Looking great so far!
The underside is always a bit of a problem, but here's my own interpretation for what it's worth..

All the parts in the photo are from the Honest john, Tillie, Scissors Bridge and Little Nellie. I'm sure there are other parts in there as well, but this is all I can make out....



Keith & I agree on a lot, the "round" shape is from the Tamiya 1/21 Long Tom, this I am certain of.
You can see the two fingers of it protruding down furthest in a few screen shots as well as the photo views. Be aware that the detail varied slightly from one filming to the next, probably due to pieces breaking off while the Mobile was dragged (from underneath) across it's terrain set. In the offload scene from computer affair, you can see two parallel Scissors Bridge struts side by side. The most common publicity photos were poorly lit, poorly focused so a great deal of shadow & fuzzy outline distorts the parts. You'll have to use your best guess & some good 'ol artistic license. Here is my interpretation. please excuse the "Stunt" Mobile, it is an old, not real accurate, beat up test piece thats been through a terrific amount of abuse over the years.

BELOW: shows placement of scissors bridge strut (blue) Tamiya 1/21 (dark green) H. John (light green line)

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