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Shado Mobile from Oz


Thanks Kieth and JW, REALLY GREAT INFORMATION, the funy thing is i tried many of those parts but could not get them to fit, im in the process of rebuilding ,its coming together nicely now. A fresh outlook is most welcome. post shots soon. Cheers capt jim.


Some new piccies

A shiny silver blue side elevation

and the underneath detail which i am rebuilding


But I thought it was supposed to be green?

I'm joking, of course.
Fantastic model (again) Captain. Seems a shame to get it dirty now...


Thanks Bishop, it comes down to lots of bogging and sanding. as i am sure your are aware.The next project i am going to mould and cast in fiberglass , its nice to have a solid shell to work with and the next project reqires lots of cut outs , capt


Its another ufo craft,,and it will be the smaller studio model. But for now i need to consintrate on finishing the mobile.


Mate that is just awesome. :thumbup:

Were I to have one tenth of such talent I'd be a happy man.




Hi Everyone

Latest progress shots
The camera varies, as I have a Sony Cybershot DSC f717, but it's only 5 megapixels and the other halfs camera is a Pentax thingy that is 10 megapixels and does not like me. I do correct the tone and contrast in photoshop before uploading.

Rear detail almost complete, I've left off the bottom universal link for the moment, as it's in a very delicate position.

3rd attempt at the underneath of the front. Some of the parts I dont have and I've mocked up. There are still some pieces I can't identify.

Panel lines added, all external detail complete, only windows, interior detail and grill to go.

Rear detail complete, I don't know what they used on the door linkages...does anyone know?



You know those white lines on the sides extend onto the and join don't you. It looks really nice. One question. Are the tracks behind the doors set a little too far in or is it just the photo?


Hey Jim,
she's looking fantastic! Don't suppose i could talk you into finishing mine???
I've been using Sony cybershots for years, currently the HX1, and would'nt use anything else!
Can I talk you into step by step shots while building the interior? and a list of what you used?
It'll be months before I can get back to my Mobile, but your work keeps me looking forward to the day!

Mike Delamar

I wish I knew more about this, but to me whos only studied it a bit it looks spot on!

did you manage to source the faller kit windows for the side vent thingies?




Hi all, nearly finished, still some graphics and lots of ageing, The Faller parts were made from evergreen strip, and then molded, i think they're pretty close to the originals

I tried to keep the cockpit interior really rudimentary to try and match the original studio model. I think thats part of the charm of building a studio scale model. The figure is an original pilot figure from the film "Memphis Belle" which I just happened to have lying around in the garage.

I've yet to intall the headlight detail and chrome reflector led lights.

the rear

a massing of shado mobiles... the second from left I found a few days ago in the garage and it dates from 1972, it's made from cardboard. This was the third Anderson model I ever's a bit tatty around the edges now. The last two you will all recognise.:)