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SHADO Moon Base


A few years ago, I started on a model of Moon Base, but put it on hold due to various reasons.
Today, while I was in the loft looking for something else, I found the parts neatlly stashed away.
Here are some pictures of one of the spheres, wih its pedestal and half of the connecting corridor.
I have cast all the components for the five spheres, but still need to make the central part.
The sphere is 50mm in diameter.

Shouldn't have posted that, Angelo. You'll have a Wookiee after you now!

He has been trying to get some help accurizing that dreadful Aoshima kit of the moonbase for a couple of years now.


Further searching has uncovered the RTV moulds I made for the parts!
How ever, It looks like I am missing the mould for the lower half of the sphere:(

I'll have to keep searching.


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The Moonbase parts look good so far, be interesting to see this project unfold, unless you put it away again of course.


I love the fact that the two moonbase designs these shows use look perfectly reasonable as actual structures. Alpha could have easily grown out of what Shado initially developed. Don't put it away again btw, this would be a great model to own so it'll be good to see it come together.


I am very tempted to carry on, but the problem is space.
The spheres are 5cm diameter, I based them on a plastic ball
given away by a fast food chain two World Cups ago, so a finished structure and base would be about 3' across.
I am running out of storage space!:(
And that size is certainly bigger than the piece of :pP::thumbdown::furious: that Aoshima issued. Still, Wookiee may want to talk to you about it.


Go on Angelo, a SHADO moonbase is a great model to have! I scratch built one 12 or 15 years ago. A pic is hosted on Marc Martin's ufoseries homepage:

I actually built one sphere out of a table top football, then casted and copied it. Also the walkways were built once then copied. The most difficult part was the girder of the landing platform. I would guess that the scale is about 1/250.


The LM is a "light" copy of a Comet Miniatures Mini Metal LM. The metal one was just too heavy and "endangered" the girder of the landing platform.
Looking at the pic (which is also between 12 and 15 years old) now, I think the colour of the moon sand is much too brown and dark, should be much more grey. Oh well, I need to fix that one day...:)


Got the calculator out and did some quick maths.
My model has spheres that are 50mm in diameter.
According to "The Complete Book Of Gerry Andersn's UFO"
The "real" things were 27' in diameter which equals 8.229 metres which it self equals 8229 mm which would make my model about 1/165th scale.


N-gauge! Valid scale; you could even have a little lunar train running around the outside... :roll: