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SHADO Moonbase Ground Defense Vehicle layout


In a continuing series highlighting the technical aspects of UFO. While they are not canon, they were based on research, and real-life models.

Here is the Moonbase lunar tank seen in the episodes “Reflections In The Water” and “The Cat With Ten Lives.” In Chris Bentley’s UFO book, he mentions this vehicle has cannons on it. I intentionally left it off because it was not seen on the miniature, and I could not find any literature that shows it. There are some fan produced models and artwork that show a turret similar to the one used on the SHADO Mobiles in the episode “The Sound of Silence.” It must be retractable, just like the ones on the Mobiles. But the primary armament of the ground defense vehicle would be the missiles. The cannons are probably for close quarter fighting, and are like the ones on the Interceptors, rarely, if ever used. Paul Gray built a studio scale model of the vehicle, and a photo is seen on the Moonbase Central website with two large doors on the top (see red circle)….a possibility?

For the sake of backups, I believe the vehicle has more than one camera for the operator, hence the “cameras.” “Radioisotope Generator” is a fancy term for a nuclear battery. Thinking these vehicles would take the brunt of an attack (ie: expendable), I figured it would be wiser, and cheaper to have them not equipped with an individual reactor.


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    SHADO Moonbase Tank.jpg
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