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Short Circuit

Mike Delamar

any fans?

Im not sure it can be classed as sci fi, more comedy,but what a funny film :)

it was one of my favourite films as a kid, my auntie used to look after my sister and me quite a lot and it was only one of a few decent films she had on video so we used to watch it a lot.

wasnt a fan of short circuit 2. only like the first one, my sister and I cried when he got blown up :)

just been watching it again recentley, I love it

Number 5 is alive :)



In the early 90's I used to be part of a radio show on Kents Invicta FM, Caesar the Boogie man's show and was the voice of 'Number 5' and others. heh heh, my 15 minutes of fame, oh those were the days lol :)


One of my faves too. I've always loved Jonny 5's design, 90's tech that keeps the character appeal. Those expressive eye-shields were a genius touch.

It's WallE's grandad!

Captain Sci-Fi