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Sick to Death...


Commander Ret.
...of Chinese and Indian spammers.

I've banned/deleted several dozen over the last few days and each one takes several minutes to do. It's even worse when I have to clean up the shit that they spread on the board if they manage to post.

As a result, they're eating into my time which needs to be spent doing more valuable things (like earning a living...).

We're under assault from them at the moment so for the time-being I'm reverting the board to manually-authorised sign-ups. If you are legit, don't be surprised though if you get banned when you sign-up with a user name like 'lily9907865'. :roll: :lol:

Thanks for your patience. I'll get around to authorising your account when I can.



Has anyone thought of assigning someone to go through the membership applications maintaining the board? If nobody wants the duty, I will take it. I have plenty of time and I do not worry about money.
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Commander Ret.
Thanks for the offer but it's ok. :) We only have between two and five legit sign-ups per day on average. I can usually spot spammers a mile-off so they're easy to weed out. What does become a pain is when they sign-up then spread their links all over the place unchecked. :)

What would help is if people would kindly refrain from replying to them - when that happens, I (or the mods) have to delete those posts too. Just hit the report button:
and we'll deal with it in due course.

I haven't seen any spammers on this forum yet (thank God), but on my old email account (I forgot password-didn't know hint) I constantly got the worst spam ever. :fume:

S'pose that that's the good thing with forgetting your password...



I replied after one with a joke.:( Sorry about that. It wont happen again, next time I'll hit the report button!:yes:

Dr Kane

Reminds me of the first lesson I was taught about the internet by a tech-savvy friend: never reply to a spammer - even to tell them to desist or to abuse them - because it confirms that yours is a real, working email address. I was so naive in those heady days of Netscape Navigator and a 28.8 baud modem. I remember receiving spam offering child p0rn, which I promptly reported to the police - not realising that it was a fairly typical spam message. :oops: The coppers were very patient with me, bless 'em.


:wtf::no:Spammers are bad:rant:- just my thoughts! :)

"No", money down!" "they got this thing all screwed up" quote from Troy McClore (the simpsons)