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SID2 cutaway/ SHADO spacesuit diagram/ IAC probe


More drawings and ideas on what could be about the world of UFO:

SID 2 shuttle: a short duration reusable orbital vehicle for ferrying astronauts and satellite repair. The vehicle’s flight profile is similar to the Boeing X-37B. Launch on a rocket booster in a shroud, earth orbit, and glide back to a runway. The vehicle is a no frills spacecraft. There is no separate airlock. If an EVA is planned, the astronauts must prepare to depressurize the entire cabin (like the Gemini and Apollo capsules). Also, it appears that the astronauts remain in their spacesuits for most of the mission. The canopy on the top is too small to fit an astronaut’s helmet. The canopy could be fitted with sensors which allow them to control the shuttle. I believe the astronauts fly SID 2 by instruments only (as seen when they were approaching SID in orbit). Looking at the large SID 2 miniature, the two RAM air inlets flanking the canopy would also not allow anyone to sit near the canopy. In the episode, it clearly shows the astronauts sitting side by side rather than in tandem.

I decided to do a diagram of the basic SHADO space suit (modeled by the lovely Gabrielle Drake and Antonia Ellis). The stuff that is pointed out was actually mentioned or used in the series with the exception of the “PLSS Remote Control Unit.” I presumed this would be it as in real life, there is a separate control unit for the functions of the suit’s life support system.

IAC Tracker Probe: Military (SHADO) version would have a larger fusion reactor and plasma engine as well as a more powerful sensor array and communications antenna.


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