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Sixteen 12 12" Eagles - new!


My two sets arrived today. I am very happy with them. (I only got one hangar diorama set, so I have used the hangar again to take a picture of the VIP Eagle with Laser Tank).

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Nice! Are you in the US by chance? Still waiting on my VIP!

I am in the UK.

I hope that you only have to wait a few more days. :thumbup:

Edit: Although, if I remember correctly, according to the 16/12 facebook page, they have said that they plan to send out 'single item' orders towards the end of the week, Thursday I think.

They sent out the orders for those who ordered 'multiples of each set' first. They then sent out the orders for those who ordered 'one of each set' and then lastly they planned to send out the orders for those who just ordered 'a single set'.

Something like that anyway, you should be able to find out the latest on their facebook page.
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I got my hanger and Breakaway sets yesterday, too.
I live in the UK.

Still scratching my head about having the laser tank in an 'episode set' that didn't feature it.
Also the VIP pod is orange on the roof too - different from their original issue. Which is correct?

Finally I'm still chuckling over the 'Beakaway' - yes, read that carefully - set advertised on the back of the box.

Somebody get them a spellchecker!

I'm been checking their facebook page and I go an email from them. They shipped out their UK orders first and next week they're shipping out 'rest of the world' orders. I should be getting the shipping email next week (I hope).


VIP Pod Colour

Also the VIP pod is orange on the roof too - different from their original issue. Which is correct? .[/QUOTE said:
There has been a lot of debate over this.
The model miniature appears to be painted only on the "wall & door" but on the full size set, seen as Simmonds arrives on Alpha - the sloping "roof" is also painted orange. This is the variant version presented in the new Hangar Set. Both are equally valid, apparently! :D


I have been thinking a little about the Hangar diorama. On one hand I am wondering whether 16/12 may (now that the tooling has been created) include another Hangar diorama with the 'Deluxe Earthbound' set, next year.

On the other hand I have been lamenting the fact that, because of the Hangar floor having the one rounded corner, placing multiples of these side by side, leaves an odd looking inverse curved square shape, at the center, where the multiple Hangar floors would meet. The printed floor graphics would not line up in any kind of sensible way either.

It wouldn't stop me trying though. :)
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My Hangar set arrived yesterday, I live in Columbia South Carolina and I ordered from FabGear USA.

According to their facebook page, Sixteen 12 stated that the last group of orders were to be shipped out this week. By Friday I didn't get a shipping email so I sent them email asking if my order had been shipped out. Today I got an email from a shipping company that my order had been shipped out Friday and to be delivered next week. I'm hoping everything turns out fine.
I was at Birmingham Comic Con today and there was a stall that had the Breakaway VIP Eagle and the hangar set. I couldn't resist buying the hangar set.


VIP in hand

Got my VIP Eagle today.
Unfortunately the carton was punctured through enough to damage the box inside:-/
No damage to any of the goodies!

Thanks FedEx!:evil:
Och. Over the years I had issues with pretty much each delivery company. Of the 2 worst ones, one was when FedEx delivered my delivery (3 boxes) to the wrong address! When I called to complain and to get their driver to go back and pick up my boxes and deliver it to me, they wouldn't do it. I had to go with a relative to check other houses on my street and we found my boxes on someone's front porch (they were there for about 2 hours) and retrieved them. The only thing I got from FedEx was a bad apology (We're sorry about that but glad that it worked out in the end). :evil::fume:

Someone mentioned that one of their Eagles (I think from the Hanger set) has a wonky foot. I checked mine and the 2 Eagles from the Hanger set, one or both of the rear landing pads slant up slightly. The VIP Eagle has both the rear landing pads slanted up a bit as well. The back half is ok but the forward half of the pad has a space gap of about 1/2 mm to 1mm (it's not level).

I was also half surprised that the Eagle Freighter from the Hanger set has the motor component as a separate piece instead of being attach to the flat pod floor. (And if the were going that route then why they didn't add magnets to it so that it would stick to the pod floor?) We already have this variant pod from the Breakaway set with the radioactive canisters. We didn't need a second version of this, the 2 cylindrical motor part should have been attach to the pod.


Latest email:
"Exciting news" coming late January (UK Toy Fair starts on the 21st).
Deluxe Earthbound set announced for April, with photos.


Always liked the Kaldorian ship. Kaldorian + rescue Eagle + buggy = £230 or £195.50 early bird. Bit outside what I can afford though. Others will have the cash and love it. Still hoping for a 12" scale UltraProbe Command Module and Eagle set. :)


Sixteen12 teasing "Deluxe Die Cast and Electronic Toys from Classic British TV Shows: THUNDERBIRDS, SPACE: 1999 and UFO" along with the studio scale replicas at this year's Toy Fair in London.
Sixteen-12 has on their facebook page the announcement for the UFO Shado ship. I think they sent out emails on the Thunderbird announcement - 2 of the vehicles but they are large around 24" long.


Thunderbird One will be 24" long and Thunderbird 3 will be 29" long. Both the UFO and Thunderbird items will be on display at the Toyfair. I found this section of Thunderbirds on the Sixteen 12 site (listed as "Coming 2019") - I don't know if it's the same items or not:
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