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Sixteen 12 12" Eagles - new!


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Just heard the Swift from Brian The Brain is being done by Sixteen 12 ...

As featured in the episode BRIAN THE BRAIN

One of the most impressive Spacecraft to appear in the show, we are delighted to announce that we are currently in pre-production of our very own, all new, 1/72scale DIE CAST model of THE SWIFT from the season Two Episode: Brian The Brain!

Being larger than the EAGLE TRANSPORTR, this imposing spacecraft will measure over 12inches in length and will be a stunning addition to our existing Eagle Fleet!

Pre-Production Model will be unveiled Early May!
Price and release details are to be confirmed.

Art Prints

Graham Humphreys will be releasing Limited Edition Art Prints of his fantastic original artwork for the new remastered Blu Ray release of JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN.

You can order directly from him directly:

Stay Safe & Kind
The 1612 Team


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I think I've wanted a Swift as a companion to my Eagles and Hawks for... well, ever since I saw Brian the Brain on original broadcast! So, since 1976?

Feels like just about as long as I can remember, anyway! In scale to the 12" Eagles too - BRAVO, Sixteen12!


Fantastic news. Another holy grail model I've wanted for years. I expect it'll cost at least a couple of hundred pounds. I'd better start saving now!


Huzzah! My Wargames sets from Sixteen12 arrived today, no mishaps with delivery i'm glad to say! Ordered the Deluxe "Battle Damaged" Eagle & Hawk set plus the stand alone alternate colour Hawk. I must admit I wish they had done just the hawks on their own; the Battle Damaged Eagle wasn't entirely necessary .. or convincing now i have it - the blast marks they showed at the Toy Convention were a lot bolder than whats on the actual finished Eagle, they look more like splats, as if Alan Carter flew too close to the ground and skimmed a puddle! On the other hand, it is an Eagle, so ... :D
I can't believe these are out now. I got the last email update and I think they were saying some time in July. I ordered all 3 of the Eagle/Hawk sets plus the Stun Gun/Comlock set. I agree that this battle damaged Eagle from the Wargames set is not necessary. There was 1 or 2 variant Eagles that they haven't done and could have done that instead. I'm waiting for that Swift info, I'll definitely getting that one.
I just got the emails today from Sixteen 12, that they are shipping out the 2 Wargames sets. The Stun gun/Comlock set not to far behind. I haven't gotten any shipping notice yet but it should be soon. It's been a long wait, as I remember the Stun gun/Comlock set was suppose to have been shipped out in July 2020. o_O
Well, I got a surprise today. I had the Wargames set and the Wargames Special Edition set delivered which was a big surprise as I never got any email notification that it shipped or a tracking number. I have to check for a tracking number on the box to try to get that info (after the fact)! I'm not sure when I can open them to check everything, could be tomorrow. I'm glad that I got it but would have liked to have that shipping notice with tracking number. Two down and two to go - the Stun gun/Comlock set should be coming soon and then there's a wait for the Ultra Probe set.


Yeah, my Wargames set came as a bit of a surprise when I got it, all I had was the DPD email saying it was out for delivery that day, I wasn't sure what to expect as i'm still waiting for UFO stuff. And like you TD, i got the stun gun/comlock set and ultra probe set to come as well.

Incidentally, as to the battle damaged eagle, I thought in the video clips from the toyfair that sixteen12 posted last year, the eagle was shown with a damaged leg, does anyone else remember that or did I imagine it?


Just found the Sixteen12 toy fair footage and seems was my imagination about the damaged leg. Still, the blast marks were bigger!
I checked both Wargames sets and everything is ok except for one mistake - Sixteen 12 gave my the wrong number again! The last set, The Infernal Machine, they give my the wrong number and I contacted them to inform them of the error and asked if I could get the correct numbered sticker. It took a long time to get in the mail. The number for both Wargames sets is the same, however it's not my number. Looks like I have to contact them and ask if they can mail me 2 copies of the sticker with my correct number.

I have never seen a fully assembled Hawk model before so that was a treat to finally have one. I was surprised how small it is compare the the Eagle (the same scale). I always thought the Hawk cockpit would be the same size as an Eagle CM but it's smaller (that must be a very cramped cockpit). I'm glad I now have 2 Hawk models! I can't wait for that Ultra Probe CM.


Yeah, i'm looking forward to the Ultra Probe set too.

I've still got UFO stuff to come from Sizteen12; I only received the Retro Interceptor from my Early Bord original order which was damaged, I managed to get a replacement, but ther other part of the order was for the standard Interceptor with Crater, which i havent received yet. I also ordered a second one and have 3 Saucers coming too.

Anyway, another DPD email pinged up this morning, delivery today, just got it and its the ... S1999 Stun Gun & Comlock! First impressions is they are a bit light and plasticky, but they look the part. Adding the batteries might improve the weightness. Never owned a version of these before, so really nice to have.


Well, had a go with both now. Batteries defo give some weight, especially to Comlock. Comlock works nice, the sounds effects a bit shrieky tho, pity there isnt a volume control. Power button doesnt have any kind of visual activation, would have been nice if the red LED panel at the top lit up or something. The stun gun sounds better, particulary enjoyed pointing & using it in kill mode! Only downside is the power button has no effect, gun seems to be on all the time; the button presses in but not convincingly & can't get it apart to look at it. Still, not overly worried about that, as long as its on. The stun/kill modes give diff effects and LED pairings, not sure how accurate that is to the show, i mean in Stun mode middle two light up and in kill mode top & bottom light up ...
My white paint scheme Hawk finally arrived. I went for this version as I already have several representations of a Hawk in its orange livery and I was never too keen on the white anti-glare shields anyway, even though those are accurate to the episode. The tooling and detail is beautiful; very faithful to the studio miniature(s) though I'd say the scale is a little off - too small in relation to Sixteen 12's own die-cast Eagles. It's also not die-cast - it's too light so has to be all plastic, although this is not the sort of thing you notice once it's mounted on its display pylon. It's a great ship, one of 1999's best "guest" meanies, and in my personal "headcanon" this white version is the first one built on Alpha for Season 3, as piloted by a very enthusiastic Chief Pilot Alan Carter. I just hope his legs aren't too cramped in that tiny command module.
It is such a shame that Sixteen 12 Collectibles added the Series 2 engine pipes to the Series 1 'Dragon's Domain' Die Cast Eagle set. It kinda spoils it for me, I may have to do a custom of some sort by trying to take the Series 2 engines off this Eagle and replace it with one of the Series 1 engines. We shall see, I am petrified of breaking the collectible!

Here is the video of the unboxing too: Dragons Domain Unboxing
I haven't seen the video yet so that was news to me that they added the extra piping. I did get my Stun Gun and Comlock set and I wanted to make sure that it wasn't "Limited Edition" and was suppose to come with a sticker (I didn't get the sliver sticker). Sixteen 12 did mentioned that the Dragons Domain was coming in to their warehouse end of August and out by beginning of September, so looking forward to that. This is the last item I have ordered from them and I've been waiting for info and pictures on the Swift.
Yes, I got my Stun Gun & Comlock as well. No silver sticker on my box just like yours.

I can't wait to get the Dragons Domain Eagle as I will just swap the standard middle pod of this release for the larger one with the Booster Set on top. That will make that Eagle finally Series 2 accurate and not with a Series 1 engine configuration.

Another thing, when they (Sixteen 12 Collectibles) mentioned this Dragons Domain release many moons ago, they also said that the detachable cockpit and Eagle itself will have stands, I wonder why they had a change of heart and included the landing pad instead? 0E551497-20FB-409E-817C-4EA8FDF8A539_1_201_a.jpeg