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Sixteen/12 Studio Scale 44" Masterpiece Collection Signature Edition


Hello all,

Huge surprise when I did my bi-annual Sixteen 12 website curiosity visit. I know we have been led down this road before...but I am trying to remain optimistic.

Looks promising, considering ordering just 1...but which?

From their website:

"We're proud to announce that ITV has directly licensed Sixteen 12 Collectibles Ltd to produce 44inch Studio Replicas from SPACE: 1999. This is the first time ITV has licensed production of 44inch Replicas from this show to be made available to the broad public!"

Eagle 1-Double Signature Edition: RRP:£2500.00 RELEASE DATE:November 2017
200 pieces Brian Johnson/Nick Tate-Captain Alan Carter

Rescue Eagle-Signature Edition: RRP:£2500.00 RELEASE DATE:November 2017
100 pieces Nick Tate-Captain Alan Carter

Laboratory Eagle-Signature Edition: RRP:£2850.00 RELEASE DATE: December 2017
100 pieces Catherine Schell-Maya

Eagle Freighter-Signature Edition: RRP:£2500.00 RELEASE DATE:January 2018
50 pieces Prentis Hancock/Paul Morrow

Cargo Eagle: RRP:£2500.00 RELEASE DATE: February 2018
50 pieces Zienia Merton/Sandra Benes

VIP Eagle-Very Special Limited Edition: RRP: £2500.00 RELEASE DATE: November 2017
20 pieces Brian Johnson

100 Pieces
Featured in the Season One Episode ‘War Games’, the MARK IX HAWK is brought to the SPACE: 1999 MASTERPIECE COLLECTION as a stunning 31-inch STUDIO SCALE REPLICA featuring:

-Authentic Studio Paint Scheme and detailing
-Large Studio Scale of 31 inches
-Correct window detailing as featured in episode 'War Games'
-Detailed Display Stand
-Brushed Aluminium display plaque featuring Unique MARK IX HAWK Edition Number

200 pieces

Hope to hear opinions on this from the forum folks!
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The year is 1978.

Pre-production has begun in earnest on Season Three of the hugely successful television show, SPACE: 1999.

Barry Morse and Prentis Hancock are reprising their roles as Victor Bergman and Paul Morrow. Gerry Anderson is resuming full producer responsibilities and Christopher Penfold is putting the finishing touches to the new season blockbuster opener 'War Cry of Ancross'.

In the model shop at Bray Studios, to feature in the opening story, Chief Production Designer BRIAN JOHNSON is finalising the design and overseeing production of a NEW 44-inch Filming Miniature - the HEAVY WEAPONS COMBAT EAGLE.

THE BRIEF: Required to protect Moonbase Alpha from its most terrifying threat to date, and able to engage with the Ancross Warships, this NEW model is to be HEAVILY ARMED with specialised weaponry and COMBAT ENABLED. It should look 'aggressive' and 'war-like' with a distinctive new livery, yet be visually coherent and distinctly part of the established Eagle fleet...

The Year is 2017.

Chief Production Manager on SPACE: 1999, BRIAN JOHNSON, is designing the NEW HEAVY WEAPON COMBAT EAGLE.

In the distinctive and iconic style of the classic television show, we are proud and delighted to bring to the collector an ALL NEW EAGLE TRANSPORTER designed by the creator of the ORIGINAL EAGLE TRANSPORTER – BRIAN JOHNSON.


As (would have been) featured in Season Three, the HEAVY WEAPON COMBAT EAGLE is brought to the SPACE: 1999 MASTERPIECE COLLECTION as an ORIGINAL stunning 44-inch STUDIO SCALE REPLICA featuring:

Distinctive and Fully Detachable ARMOURED GUNNER POD
Fully working landing gear suspension
Hand-turned Aluminium Engine Bells, Beak Dishes and Attitude Thrusters
Authentic newly designed decals and livery
Brushed Aluminium display plaque featuring unique HEAVY WEAPON COMBAT EAGLE Edition Number and INDIVIDUALLY HAND SIGNED by EAGLE DESIGNER BRIAN JOHNSON
Deluxe print of Brian's drawings and designs of the NEW EAGLE and HAND SIGNED – 50 ONLY WORLDWIDE



Soooo Expensive!

No question Ham....compared to the Rogue Studio 44" build, it's almost 1/3 the cost so not crazy IMO. Also, many choices on Eagles, which Rogue did not offer...but...seeing is believing since the first Sixteen 12 44" project was canned years back.

Ham Salad

No question Ham....compared to the Rogue Studio 44" build, it's almost 1/3 the cost so not crazy IMO. Also, many choices on Eagles, which Rogue did not offer...but...seeing is believing since the first Sixteen 12 44" project was canned years back.

Yes, it's very cool...but it's mass produced, it just shouldn't cost that much. I have screen used studio models that cost less!

I see why you think it might be vaporware: since they changed names, they're an enterprise without any product.

I just wish they would re issue the smaller ones...frankly, I think they would make more money that way. Besides, a 44" would be HUGE! My 23" is so big, it takes up pretty much a whole coffee table...a 44" would take up a dinner table. Hard to display and accommodate.
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Has anyone pre ordered? I am so tempted...What scares me is the fellow who reportedly lost his money with FAB Gear USA pre ordering the from their last 44" project.

Jonathan E

Did anyone else recieve an email from them regarding the sale of of a one off puppet scale replica of Supercar (with Mike Mecury puppet)?
They only wanted £15,000 for it!!!!


I have placed a preorder and I am looking forward to the finished eagles. What I have seen so far is awesome and I am full of anticipating joy.
For me the price seems more than fair.

Hopefully they will offer some extras in the future, like side boosters or the glider.

In the meantime, the only thing I would like to have changed are the inserts in the main engine bells. I prefer the clean (in my opinion more realistic) look of the engine bells without those inserts. (According to my information, the inserts have been added during season one to make the eagle look more interesting from behind. So it would still be authentic.) Due to the bells being made of aluminum, it should be possible to remove them without damaging the bells.
What do you think? Which version do you prefer?



Chief Eagle Pilot
The kit-part inserts were not always there, as the model was converted to fire Freon gas in the second series they were taken out then. Personally I don't mind either way.

Oddly I think the bells on the third Eagle were not completely hollowed out, and had a plain blank facing halfway down inside - which I certainly wouldn't like to see.


Wondering what the framework will be made of. If pod is detachable then there's alot of stress on the spine given rear engine has aluminium bells- it weighs a ton. Needs to be brass. If it is brass then the price is reasonable. But will they get everything right or compromise here and there....


Forum Supporter
No question Ham....compared to the Rogue Studio 44" build, it's almost 1/3 the cost so not crazy IMO. Also, many choices on Eagles, which Rogue did not offer...but...seeing is believing since the first Sixteen 12 44" project was canned years back.

These will never compare to the Rogue Studio's 44" eagles, each one was hand made and Lee is very meticulous in his work. Mass produced will never stand up to his work. Lee also had the plans to do the different version eagles but he was hindered every step he took, the copyright holders made him show every little step and they had to get their cut of the money which was very substantial. Until you've built one of those beautiful eagles you can't say it was too expensive, ask the guys who have built their 44's, parts usually come to $3000.00.............


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Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
I'd love one just for the collection but I wouldn't be able to display it so there really is no point. The other thing is I could buy a heck of a lot of Round 2 kits for the same price and a good amount of new workshop equipment to build them with.

I really enjoy the process of making stuff actually about the same as I enjoy seeing other people building stuff. There are a lot of clever people out there and I really enjoy learning new skills or improving what I can do already.