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Sixties Dalek movie soundtracks to be released

I ordered mine direct from the manufacturer, Silva Screen. It's only 9.99 from them, and I got it a day later. Been listening to it constantly for the last couple of days - it's fantastic.

Jim Lewis

Mine arrived yesterday. Thoroughly enjoyed what I have listened to so far too. A nice selection of 'Bleeps' 'BZZZZ' and 'Stuff' from Barry Gray on there as well and some of which will be recognisable to Anderson fans I'm sure. Worth grabbing for definite!
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I watched the first Peter Cushing film last night for the first time in years and was surprised to hear that the background electronic noise in the TARDIS in it's first scene is identical to that inside the Mysteron complex! I wonder if Barry Gray composed this?


Dalek Movies

Of the two Dalek films I think the first was the best. I love the planet forest set and the design of the Dalek city. The colours reflect everything the sixties stood for. The music score is outstanding, especially the swamp of mutations and the journey through the mountains. I especially like the shot with the moon in the background. Beautiful stuff.


Made on a shoestring yet more original and probably higher entertainment value than many multi-million dollar FX movies today.