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Sky 1 cutaway


I have not seen any cutaways of Sky 1. Except for the one in the 1981 Japanese book (same one as the Lunar Module cutaway and with this post).

Well, I sketched out a basic version of my own. The VTOL engines are similar to the ones in the Doppelganger lifting body in "Journey To The Far Side of the Sun." The air is diverted to the VTOL engines from the air intake tunnel.

I assume Sky 1 was nuclear powered.

Again, this illustration is not canon. Just did it as an exercise. Enjoy.


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Thank you! I left out the landing gear to allow it to land on the ground. There isn't enough room to put it in. If there was, I would envision Sky 1 having landing skids and would land using its VTOL engines. The skids would take up less room and be less complex. I might add a drawing of it later in this post.


Here is the drawing. I forgot to explain FOD stands for Foreign Object Damage. One of the biggest enemies of jet engines.


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    Sky1 landing gear.jpg
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