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Sky One/Skydiver colour?

Dr Kane

Apologies if this has been covered in another thread; I did search as best I could.

What colour, exactly, is Sky One/Skydiver? Olive drab? Gold? I can't pin it down. :think:

Does anyone manufacture a similar shade of paint nowadays?

Grateful for any ideas!


Chief Eagle Pilot
We have had this one a few times before. :)
There is of course an existing studio model to guide us with this question and Ford Oyster Gold Metallic appears to be the closest available car paint today but really needs to be dirtied down to get a true look. Even then there is still something about the original models colour that seems different, could just be layers of laquer or weathering.


Something worth bearing in mind is that the wetter the coat of metallic paint you spray, generally the darker it appears as the aluminum particles have longer to sink into the tinted liquid base. A dry coat will appear brighter as the metal particles tend to lie flat on the surface. You want a wet coat. I did a test piece some years ago and got a very good match with Oyster Gold. Don't let the initially bright gold colour fool you. As Mark42 wisely mentioned, the dirtying down will take the overall appearance down quite a lot.