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Solar Crisis what do you think of it?


The movie Solar Crisis that is.
I loved the spaceships in it especially the main ship, "Helios".



I've only seen bits of it but the FX looked decent, I think Richard Edlund's Boss Film was involved.
Of course it was the film Danny Boyle hoped people didn't bring up when he was promoting Sunshine as they are essentially the same story.


I saw it a long time ago, and then, more recently, via YouTube. The effects were good, but the plot felt confused and half-finished. I think it may have undergone a heavy re-edit at the hands of the studio.

Steve Gerard

I saw the film and thought it was pretty good. The Helios design always looked as though it belonged in the 2001:A Space Odyssey(1968 ) universe. Like the Helios, the sphere design of the Discovery, Aries and Pods.:thumbup: