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Soldering Basics.


This is a fantastic guide, DX-SFX, thank you! Soldering has always intimidated me but your guide makes it look feasible! One thing I'd like to pick your brain about - googling soldering I chanced upon this page on brazing:

Would you consider a fire-brick hearth, as outlined on that page, an essential item? Or does he only need it because he's brazing somewhat larger items (copper pipes and the like)?

Captain Sci-Fi

Staff member
Hi McTodd,

DX doesn't post here anymore.

To answer your question, getting everything to the right temperature is quite easy, I have a Silverit brazing/soldering torch which runs from a Propane cylinder, it is excellent at heating a large area. Sometimes this is not desirable and I only really use it in bigger applications. For Eagle Brass tube work you really only need to heat one joint at a time so a large electric iron or a small blow torch is ideal, bricks and blankets are really only used for very high temperature "silver" solder and brazes.

You will find that making one joint is relatively easy, when you have to make several close together you will need a jig of some description to hold the parts while the solder runs and solidifies, it won't have any mechanical strength until cooled back to a solid.

JoeyB suggested an excellent tip, he uses strips of newspaper soaked in water to protect good joints from excessive heat and help to localise the high temperature.

As with most practical skills, you need three P's

Good luck and remember to post pictures so others can learn and help you. :D