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Some favorite PC games of mine.


This first one is one of my all time favorites and I can fire it up and can't stop untiil I've played through the entire thing, start to finish. It's got some age on it, but that DOES NOT matter to me if it is as good as this series.

Battlezone and/or Battlezone II.

One of the best I've ever played....several times.

My second favorite would have to be the:

Mechwarrior games. There are several and they are ALL good games.

My third would be all the:

Descent games.....1, 2 and 3.

DOOM....any and all including the QUAKE games by the same people.

would have to be included in my top 5 somewhere. Although very dated now, I still enjoy a few levels every now and again. I would say that at one time, this would have been labeled as my all time favorite, but these are NOT really in any order as to one over the other as I consider ALL these the best!

As a number 5, I will just list several from the old Lucasarts Company, such as X-Wing, Tie-Fighter, X-Wing VS. Tie-Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, Dark Forces, Dark Forces II, Outlaws, Sam and Max hit the road, Full Throttle....etc.

As a bonus, I would mention Duke Nukem 3D and several of it's versions and add-on packs.

The ONLY game I have ever played 'online' was NHRA - Main Event. This was a drag racing game with the three top classes of car types....Top Fuel, Funny Car or Pro Stock. Played HOURS straight sometimes on that one and made many an online friend (and enemy ;) )! I actually made it to a rank of #7 out of approximately 2300 online players on that one! I was pretty proud of that....LOL!

Those are what I would list as my favorites, right off the top of my head.

I really enjoy those type or similar games, but those are the ones that started my gaming pleasure. Several of those were back during the DOS days. I still enjoy many of those games today!

There have been many, many over the years worth mentioning, but my list will stick pretty much to those same "type" games. Here's some I own and just as I said, I do still pick one and play from time to time. I'll just list them as they mostly started out as there have been numerous that had sequels.

Medal of Honor games
Call of Duty games
F.E.A.R. games
Half-Life games
Far Cry games
Bioshock games
HALO games
Crysis games
Need for Speed games
NASCAR games
UNREAL games
and just about ANY classic arcade type games I can get my hands on.

Some 'single' type titles include:

Aces of the Pacific
Aces over Europe
Aces of the Deep
Red Baron
A-10 Cuba
Stunt Driver
Viper Racing
Earthseige and Earthseige II
Silent Thunder

Many of that list are also DOS games.

What are some of you guys favorites?

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John, I agree! Like I say, those top few I listed, I would have a VERY hard time picking a "#1", so those are lumped together as #1's.

I don't know if many can remember this, but when DOOM was introduced, the ONLY version you could buy from a retail store was a 'shareware' version of the game that came in a small envelope with one 3.5" floppy disc hanging on the rack, in my case, at CompUSA. That gave you the first level of DOOM. When you played to the end of that first level, it came "on screen" with and address and a phone number where you could order the rest of the discs! There was a total of five 3.5" floppy disc. ID Software sent you the other four disc once you placed your order and you added those to the shareware disc and then had the complete game.

CompUSA had television monitors all over the store and the latest and greatest PC hooked up to those monitors as a display type thing. There was always whatever the 'new' game was being played on those monitors, which up until the time DOOM came out, was, literally, showing some demo loop of a new game. You COULD stop by the PC setup and play that game if you wanted, but not many generally did. You mostly had to go on instinct (and box-art) to decide which game you wanted to try......until DOOM got installed!

The next few times I went into the store, there was ALWAYS a few folks waiting to play DOOM! The first time I saw it on the monitors, there was this little fella playing it. He HAD to be no more than 10. (Don't wonder about that one, there WAS no such thing as ratings on games then. It's rated "M" now, but then that didn't exist.) I stood right next to him for about three minutes just watching him play. Had never even HEARD of the game, but LOVED what I saw. It wasn't like ANYTHING we had all been playing???? After a couple minutes, I leaned down and asked, "Hey little buddy......what is that game?" WITHOUT taking his eyes off the game, he turned his head slightly towards me and said "DOOM". Ok, I let that slide for a few seconds because I really didn't know what he said, so I finally asked him again, "I'm sorry, what did you say?" Again, he did the same thing...."DOOM". ? After another couple seconds, I had to ask again because never even hearing about it and NOT seeing a normal box that matched whatever he just said, I asked again. This time, he said, DOOM, DOOM!. It's right there hanging on the rack. It's new". He STILL never even slowed down playing it, but he jerked his head TOWARDS the game hanging on the rack this time, so I went and started reading the little package/envelope. Oh, great, "shareware". AT that time, shareware meant VIRUS-ware, so I put it back and kept looking around the store for something to play, but kept watching him play on the monitors and the more I watched, the more I got over the shareware thing.

Once we got ready to leave, I walked back over and picked one of the packets up. The rest is history for me! I've never had so much fun with a game EVER, really. It'll ALWAYS be on my "suggested" list. Spent MANY an hour playing that one and couldn't put it down till it was finished and THEN, played it again! Actually stood in front of a few doors while playing it, DREADING to open the door! You could HEAR the enemies on the other side and just KNEW there would be alot of them. "Let's see, I've got 3/4 health, 48 rounds of 9MM and 14 shotgun shells..........CRAP!, LET'S ROCK!!!!"


I swear, it's the only game I've ever scooted back from the monitor when the enemies came after you. Even tried to PEEK around friggin' corners ON MY MONITOR a few times before catching myself and thinking.......THAT ain't gone work.

So YES John, DOOM is a good one! Now, if you mean that it can't be WON (when you say beaten), I certainly beg to differ! The only setting I never beat it on was "Nightmare". On that one, 5 seconds after you kill an enemy, he gets right back up! You'll be outta ammo in 30 seconds and I defy ANYONE to beat 40 of those big pink walking bulldogs with just your fists!

There, that oughta make a good DOOM review, huh?




When I say beaten Rob I mean no other game will ever give me the same feeling as Doom gave me. I completed it many many times. Nightmare mode was impossible because as you said they respawned after they were killed. I had a 386sx with a 40MB hard drive and 4MB RAM at the time. I bought an extra 1MB RAM which cost around £40(a days wages in the early 90's) so I could run it straight from the hard drive and not have to use a boot disk. My friend also use to cart his PC around my house so we could have a deathmatch together using a serial cable which was about 3 foot long. He also used the editor which came out to make lots of new levels. I also remember paying a lot of money for a Gravis Ultrasound soundcard and pumping the sound out through my stereo. I use to play those keystrokes like Steve Vai plays guitar. It got so bad that if I got killed I would start the whole game from the beginning and of course you had to get 100% secrets on every level. Quake was also a brilliant game which I enjoyed almost as much, and you could use a mouse and keyboard combo and get true 360 degree views in all angles. Then out came the Voodoo FX which changed gaming graphics forever.
No particular order.

System Shock series
X-Wing/Tie fighter series
Mass Effect series
Supreme commander series
Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

5 amazing universes to set games in, all of which were SF - so I didn't mention Skyrim once.



- so I didn't mention Skyrim once.

We didn't hear that then......!

Not a problem though, Conrad. I didn't mention EVERYTHING with the name "Putt-Putt" either, but I absolutely LOVED every one!

I MEAN, my son and daughter did. I almost slipped up there.

John, we could talk for awhile about all this buddy!!!

The Diamond Monster 3Dfx card!!! $300.00 bucks when it hit over here and worth EVERY penny! I had already made it about half way through Battlezone the first time when that came out. It had that game included WITH the 3Dfx graphics. It was like it was a totally different game. For quite awhile after that little upgrade, I wouldn't buy ANY game if it didn't support 3Dfx graphics. Nothing has quite matched that card or graphics STILL to this day.

Started with a 386 myself, but upgraded to a 486DX shortly afterwards. One of the most expensive things I ever bought for that rig was a 1MB video chip. It cost $800.00 and had to be special ordered with NO refunds! It was about the size of your pinky fingernail and had to be press fitted into the socket on the MB, but made a HUGE diiference for that machine. For the sound, I even had "The Disney Sound Source" for awhile. A certificate came with...I think....."Mickey's 1-2-3's" or "A-B-C's" that gave you 1/2 off of it, so I ordered it. It did work great on every game for awhile.

I remember when Windows 3.1 came out. Man, you were a big deal if you had that! LOL! It never really made much difference to me though, everything I had was DOS. The quickest thing that ever happened was when CD roms started showing up. This is NO JOKE, I went to CompUSA on Friday one week to check new titles. CD roms had just arrived and there were only one or two CD titles on the shelves. I went back the following week to pick up a game that I was interested in AND THE 3.5" DISCS WERE COMPLETELY GONE! That move was amazing!

Just for a nostalgic thing, I still have an old 5-1/4" floppy drive (somewhere) with 50 or 60 games for that. That had already started to switch to 3.5" drives, but that change took awhile.

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I paid £150 for my first cd-rom I think it was 2x and I loved it. Lets not forget Manic Miner & Jetset Willy for the ZX Spectrum.


Things have certainly changed in the upgrade world, huh John. I kinda wish we had all that money BACK now!!

Never had the ZX Spectrum, but I DID have a VECTREX and ended up with about 25-30 games for that one. I actually liked it alot since the games were mainly arcade games......Rip off, Tail Gunner....that type thing.

I probably never should have, but I sold that system and all the games to a collector over in Japan a few years ago and got over $2500.00 bucks for it. I had ALL the boxes, inserts, leaflets, name it. I figured I had enjoyed the thing so much that I could let it go PLUS the guy was a collector and figured it was going to a good home.....

As sad as that sounds.



My favorite PC games are:

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1,2, and 3
Microsoft Flight Simulator X
Space Shuttle Mission 2007
Space Shuttle simulator and Apollo simulator
Space 1999 Orbiter
Apollo 18
Silent Hunter 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Medal of Honor, Airborne
Brothers in Arms, Hell´s Highway


Mass Effect (currently on 2)
Submarine Titans, My favourite RTS ever.
Star Trek: Bridge Commander
Battle-stations Pacific/Midway


My favourite computer games that include a Sci-Fi element would include the following (no particular order):

Jet Pac (ZX Spectrum) - Probably the first home computer game I ever played.
Elite (BBC Micro) - An entire universe in 32kb - awesome.
Eve Online (PC) - So, so pretty.
Doom (PC) - The daddy of them all.
Spitfire (BBC Micro) - You had to fight an alien invasion, in a Spitfire. Genius!
Snowball (BBC Micro) - A really atmospheric Sci-Fi text adventure. Just don't get lost.
The X series (PC) - Elite for the 21st Century
Millenium 2.2 (Amiga) - A really good adventure / RPG game that let you colonise the Solar Sytem.
Speaking of 'X', does anyone know how to get "X - Beyond the Frontier" (The original of the series) working on a modern computer? I tried to re-install it recently and it was unplayable - the ship automatically flew round in loops firing all the time. i would have thought it was a joystick problem if it hadn't been for the fact I didn't have one plugged in.


Speaking of 'X', does anyone know how to get "X - Beyond the Frontier" (The original of the series) working on a modern computer? I tried to re-install it recently and it was unplayable - the ship automatically flew round in loops firing all the time. i would have thought it was a joystick problem if it hadn't been for the fact I didn't have one plugged in.

Didn't have aproblem. I bought the game on Steam and it worked pretty much straight out of the box with my old PS2 controller.

Truth be told, I'm having more problems getting the new version to work - I can't see the option to invert my Y axis...:cry:
My favourite games have to include:

Planescape: Torment
Fallout 1,2 & Tactics
UFO Enemy Unknown & Terror From The Deep
Baldurs Gate 1 & 2
Space Empires IV
Imperium Galactica II
All the Mechwarrior and Mechcommander games
The Civilization series
Rise of Nations
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

I also loved Mechforce by Ralph H Reed on the Amiga, and Wizards Crown on the C64


Oooh, don't get me started. I was actually's first full-time programmer, right from the days when it was a little office above a hairdresser in Solihull. We used to have fantastic network games over lunchtime.. Quake, Quake II, Half-Life, etc.. etc.. Wonderful days, that sadly came to an end with Yahoo buying the site.


I got the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic as a gift.
Never played computer games very much before.
I think it's going to be loads of fun! :)