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Some favorite PC games of mine.


In free time I like To play the Video Game on PC.Max Payne is my favorite Video Game. Max Payne is third Person this Game.My some Friends Are like to play this is Best Option For Entertainment.


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I'm currently playing an amazingly addictive little strategy sort of title from Steam called FTL (Faster Than Light) where you control the crew of a small Federation starship - no, nothing to do with either "Star Trek" or "Blake's 7" - fleeing the Rebel fleet. You collect scrap to upgrade your ship, buying improvements to engines, power, weeapons, shields, scanners, doors, etc or adding drone control or teleport to your ship.

No game is the same twice, you don't know are you going to get more crew, a ship to fight, or an environmental hazzard at your destination each jump. Will you be boarded, be able to avoid the fight, or will an alien crew member allow you a bonus?

The graphics are sprites, but the game is no less enjoyable for that, and to see your crew scurrying around, repelling boarders, fighting fires, repairing systems, or just manning their stations is a laugh. And they gain experience with the stations they man and get better at doing their job, meaning you get a better bonus for having them there.


I'm a kind of all over the place style PC video gamer. Everything from MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) Rollercoaster Tycoon 3, to Skyrim (with a number of mod packs that I've added in) as well as Inworldz (it's sort of like Second Life but it's in Beta right now).


I wish I could get UFO: Enemy Unknown (aka: XCOM: Defender) to run properly on my 1.66Ghz, 512Mb ram current computer.
Every edition I have of this game, including rewrites and conversions fails to run, and I can not afford the GOG version nor that briefly available at one time on Steam.

I have steadfastly collected almost every version of this game that exists, including the extremely worthwhile Russian expansion set XCOM 2000 (aka UFO 2000) and still can not get it to run.

I have DosBox 1.74 & 1.77, but despite the numerous online guides am still lost as to how to set it up properly. In this respect I admit to computer illiteracy.

The painful aspect is this: despite the multitudinous and various modern games extant I yet enjoy most the XCOM series. But it seems I'm doomed to failure to run the game and enjoy it as I once did on 486X IBM clones.

Kind and Respectful Regards, Uyraell.


Uyraell, I have successfully run it via some emulators. What is your OS if I may ask? Note that if your running it pure with nothing but Dosbox, I may be able to recommend a couple of front ends to run it with thus avoiding having to do a massive amount of configuring.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Don't play a lot of games myself, I find the mindless shooting in things like Call of Duty rather tedious. I quite liked the Splinter Cell games, they required a bit more thought. But the franchise that totally hooked me was Mass Effect. Great story, great visuals, great voice acting, great music score, a whole galaxy full of believable disparate races and characters that you come to really care about. Lost its way a bit with the third game (particularly the ending) but still an incredible experience.

I was on holiday in Florida recently and took a few N7 t-shirts to wear. Without fail, every single day I got a smile of recognition and a nice comment from someone. Never had that before!
Currently out exploring some of the 400 Billion star systems in the milky Way Galaxy in

Elite: Dangerous. (Currently people are discovering and scanning around 12 systems each minute, but at that rate it'll still take over 151,000 YEARS to map the entire game!)

Last Sunday I scanned a planet I believe to be the Death Star. It's 428kM in radius, with a composition of 100% Metal.

So last Monday I flew the hour and a half it takes me to get back to the core systems, and sold the data to the Empire. Rather appropriate, given the date. Got over 100K credits for the information, more than I get for most systems.

Back out there again in my singleship, away from civilization, morons, pirates, and all the hassle of everyday life, working towards the 150+ million I still need for my Elite ranking in exploration. Then I will have the money for the biggest player ownable ship currently in the game and can work on my Trader rank.

I hope to have those two at Elite with my combat ranking still at "Harmless". Then I'll start on the combat ranking, but with the ship I'll have then, that will be hard to level up. Might just drop back to the ship I have now to do it, but want the knowledge that I can go back to the big one if I lose my ship.


Only really ever played PC games, never owned consoles apart from a hand held Atari Lynx, and I have a PS3 right now. I started with Commander Keen on a 486 PC we had at work, then moved onto Doom. When I got my own PC, I was a huge Quake fan, got all the mission packs (still have them). Quake 2 was a big game for me because it was the first time I played a game using OpenGL graphics rather than software graphics, and it was beautifully rendered.

Still own Duke Nukem, Quake 1-3, Deus Ex, Half Life, Kingpin, Descent 3, Hexen, Heretic, Quarantine I & II, Unreal Tournament GOTY Edition, IGI 1 & 2;all big box PC versions. Have played Just Cause 2, Farcry 3, Duke Nukem Forever, Saboteur, Deus Ex: HR, Heavy Rain, UT 2004, on my PS3, to name but a few ...
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