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SPACE: 1999 Comics...

Found this a few days ago while moving crap from one room to the other...

It's the comic book adaptation of "The Metamorph", and also has an original (and quite boring) story called "Escape from Vipon". There's also a print only short called "Primitive Planet".

Despite the way cool cover, the artwork is sadly lacking and the Eagle illustrations are pathetic.

Which begs the question; are there any other SPACE comics in existence?
I had posted a torrent a couple of months ago with digitally scanned copies of all of the Charlton (U.S.) S1999 comics and comic magazines.

I'll see about making it available again. When I do, I'll make mention here.

Update: (230MB) - this is a temporary posting. The bundled files are .cbr and .cbz format. No BitTorrent, just download directly from the site.


.cbr = .rar file containing .jpg, .gif or .png images
.cbz = .zip file containing .jpg, .gif or .png images

If you wish to read these files you can do one of two methods:

1.) Download a software reader (sequential image viewer)

CDisplay for Windows

Comical for Windows or Mac

FFview for Mac

Jomic for Mac or Java (requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or higher from )

Comix for Linux

cbrPager for Linux

CBViewer for Windows or Linux or UNIX (BSD, Solaris)

2.) Manually change the file format (such as .cbz to .zip), unpack the file, then view each image within a graphics program, such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, ACDSee, GIMP, etc.



One can also find the actual comic back issues for the Charlton comics at places like Lone Star Comics out of Texas ( ) Good prices & great service, and no, they're not paying me to say that.

I've had most of the entire set, plus the magazine-format Charlton black-and-white ones since they first came out. Just got the color Charlton issue #3 a couple years ago. It features a blend of Joe Staton & Johnny Byrne artwork... Byrne did the art, but Staton faces were added over the characters as a transition from issues 1 & 2 which were all Staton art. Byrne did all the art for issues 4-6, then Pat Boyette took over for issue 7, the only one that had Season 2 stories.

I also have the Power Records book & record set adaptaion of "Breakaway" and their original story "Return to the Beginning." These also turn up from time to time at Lone Star Comics.

I love these comics, as they are a part of my childhood and a part of my favorite tv show from that era.

Of course, I don't have any of the Look-in comics from England nor the various Zack & Zack Parade ones from Germany (nor reprints into other languages), but I've found archives of them online.

The Catacombs comic section:


Mondstation 1999, featuring Zack & Zack Parade (including some English translations!):

These are pretty good overall, and the Zack ones actually adapt episodes (something I'd always wished had been done). Thanks to the internet, I've discovered them!

Oh, forgot to mention the Annuals published in England. The only one I have is from Season 2, but the Season 1 ones are at the Cybermuseum link in the Catacombs:

Finally, just a few years ago, I started making a comic strip of an original Season 1 story, which I'd come up with as a back-story for, of all things, a diorama I was working on. (It's of a pilot walking away from a crashed Eagle on the lunar surface. Carter & Koenig aren't the only pilots who walk away from crashes, darn it! ;) ) I also had the introduction written out as a short story, which I'd have submitted to one of the online fiction archives if I hadn't lost it. :( (I have a print-off somewhere; someday I'll re-type it for submission. Someday, too, I'll finish that comic. Someday, maybe I'll really go to the moon, too... at the rate I'm taking to finish things (don't bring up my micro Meta Probe!), I'll probably get to the moon before I complete my projects!)


Hardy har har! :p

I figured if anyone would say something, it would be you, doon! :D

As for pics of anything from me, sadly, none will be forthcoming for a bit. Not only do I not have any (of that particular dio), but my camera bit the dust and I can't take any until I get a new one. I know I should get a digital camera for ease of posting pics, but I'm an 'old school' guy who still uses film, and will likely replace my old camera with another film one.
I do have access to a scanner, though, and can at least scan my pics and upload the scans. Come to think of it, the guy with the scanner also has a digital camera, so I may be able to arrange something with him to get some pics of some of my stuff posted. As usual, it will be some time due to work and other things.
I'm going nuts (more nuts than usual, that is) because I haven't been able to work on any models for weeks now! :cry: :bang:
OK, vent mode is over... I'm OK. Really... :whistle:


Hey CR,
I hear ya, :D no modeling or much of anything for me 'cept work till my December down time :cry: . One of the things that helps me through these times is seeing the pics of what everyone else is accomplishing. So hurry up with the camera purchase :pics: :D
Also, vent away :twisted: Thats another great thing about this place, everyone pretty much gets bummed by the same things :yes: