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Space 1999 Discussion forum


Does anyone know if the Space 1999 Discussion forum is still viable? I tried to join it today but without any luck as it rejected my username and then my e-mail address! So I persevered and made up a new name and my wife's e-mail address but upon looking in on the posts there hasn't been anything new on there in over a year! Can anyone help?


Chief Eagle Pilot
Hi Commander!
Hope you are well. Just a reminder - that this is the 35th Aniversary of Alien - and maybe a thread should be open for comments. After all, Martin Bower, an important builder/designer on Space 1999 was heavily involved in the Models.
Comments Please. All the Best, Bill.

Pro Mod

Forum Supporter
Great idea Bill.:thumbup:
I believe Alien was released in the USA on 25th May 1979.
Surprisingly the first showing here wasn't until the 1st September 1979 at the Edinburgh Film Festival.
It's one of my favourite films and I wish that I could have been part of the remarkable crew that made it!